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Derby ravers get Slade LP with it..





WITHOUT a contingent from Derby and District College of Art in the audience at the cutting of the first part of Slade's live album at Command Studios, Piccadilly, London, last week, I shudder to think what the record would have been like, writes RICHARD COX.

As usual, the music was great, but the London crowd who packed the small theatre / studio, were as much into it as I am into the reggae tune. They just sat there and didn't seem to be in the slightest bit bothered about the fact that the idea of a live album was to have a 'live' audience.

But thanks to the Art College, who took a party down specially for the session (thanks for the lift lads), the recording was done amidst a mass of squirming, ravy bodies. And Slade loved it.

So we danced awhile, and leapt, and shouted, and stomped, and waved our arms and generally generated enough atmosphere to get some of the livliest of the rest of the crowd to their feet.



Noddy Holder & Jimmy Lea during recording of Slade Alive 1971The band burst into a few ravers to get people excited, including Coz I Luv You, their current single which is better than their previous one, Get Down And Get With It, which they also played.

It was an hour long set, packed full of goodies, witties and things, and a few name checks. Cameras popped everywhere, and bassman Jimmy Lee burst a string, but all was alright and the faithful throng drifted out into the London night air (yeuk) with warm hearts and tired limbs.


Tremendous form


 Jimmy Lea during recording of Slade Alive 1971Slade were on tremendous form throughout and Don Powell coped well with the multitude of mikes that poked annoyingly at his drum kit.

Dave Hill (lead / rhythm / vocals) was also on top form as he prodded his guitar at singer Noddy Holder, and the chick in yellow who was raving with the rest of us.

Manager Chas Chandler seemed well pleased with the evening.

Don't know when the LP comes out, but it is a must for anyone, as the publicity man, John Halsall, will doubtless tell everyone in due course.




Article courtesy of Chris Selby/Rocking The Boat

Photographs Slade In England








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