slades Noddy Holder 1972 mirrored top hatSlade handle their music with the delicacy of a demolition gang, or, more correctly, a demolition gang on a works outing because they communicate a robustness to their audience that on this East End opening threatened the very structure of the renamed Mile End Odeon itself.
As ironic choice of a group then, for the opening of a bold new venture by the Rank Organization, whose name is not automatically linked with pop music, although it should be recalled that The Beatles played their opening gigs in Rank dance halls. This, then, is Rank's tilt at the Rainbow, a theatre which also tried to provide a permanent home for pop, failed, then recently opened. Rank will open three Sundowners in the near future.

As for Slade, they are everything parents must hate in modern society. They are loud, vulgar (in the best sense of the word), raucous, and, in Noddy Holder, they have a lead singer who has the touch of the old music hall comedian about him. They also murder the English language in the spellings of their songs. They come from Wolverhampton, and represent very much the football terrace mentality of life, turning their audiences into stamping, handclapping fans, with hits like, "Take Me Bak 'ome"; "Mama weer all crazee now"; and "Get down and get with it". They are currently successful, reflecting a truly working class audience, whereas other successes like Marc Bolan and David Bowie relate more to the middle classes. So successful are they that to open in the Mile End Road they flew in for one night from Los Angeles, whence they return today.

Michael Wale The Times 8/9/1972





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