Slade explosion rocks Sheffield







An explosion called Slade rocked Sheffield last night.

Hundreds of screaming, cheering fans packed the City Hall for the two hours long performance which was part of the group's UK tour.

Slade oriental theatre Milwaulkee 1973It was their second visit to Sheffield with an electrifying performance that had the fans dancing in the aisles, leaping up and down on their seats and sing and scream themselves hoarse.

As the stage was set up for Slade, dozens of youngsters rushed to the front of the house and were pressed against the stage as scores more scrambled over seats to push in behind them for a clearer view.

Few remained sitting, and up in the balconies many fans sat against the safety rail, dangling their feet in the air, for the best view.

The tension and excitement became almost solid as time went on. There were chants of 'We want Slade' and 'Super Slade' and then, to an ear shattering scream, they bounded on to the stage.

From then on the beat was non stop as fans clapped out the beat and sang along to old hits like 'Take Me Bak 'Ome' and 'Gudbuy T' Jane' as well as a few softer songs and the group's new record 'Skweeze Me Pleeze Me'.

Before Slade, the Sensational Alex harvey Band warmed things up with some modern hard rock and a couple of vamped up oldies.


Article researched and provided courtesy of Andy Walton, Slade In England Yorkshire operative




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