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Therapy.......for whom?

Jim Lea's solo LP gets a revamp.....why?



For many Slade fans Jim Lea remains the enigmatic quiet man of the band, the tortured genius who suffered more than the other members of the band and who has pretty much since Slade went their separate ways in 1992 (Yes they split up waaay back then despite a band using the name still wowing an ageing audience of mullet haired continental aficionados) stayed well out of the limelight. While Noddy Holder has done everything imaginable to reinvent himself as the genial old uncle Noddy figure, and Dave Hill and Don Powell have mercilessly flogged a dead horse into a pantomime donkey, Lea has quietly kept his counsel.

However hot on the heels of last years Slade vinyl collectors box set comes a re-release of Jim Lea's 2007 release 'Therapy' through Wienerworld.

The cynical amongst us will see this release along with the accompanying signed copies and extra bonus signed copies of lyric sheets as Lea cashing in on his name, he doesn't have to of course as most of that has already been done through various pointless re-releases of Slade's back catalogue ever since they split in 92'. But if Holder can do it with impunity, and Hill & Powell continue to drag the Slade name through the mire around the 'oldies circuit' in Europe then Lea is surely entitled to rehash his old stuff and put it out to a very limited demographic of devotee fans who would purchase the proverbial turd in a jar regardless as long as it had the name of one of the band members emblazoned across it.

To be fair, and in Lea's defence, he has added three previously unreleased tracks and a second CD featuring most of the 2002 benefit gig he performed entitled 'Jim Jam' which would please the most ardent of fans but not many others. This release is of course aimed squarely at the completist collectors. It is hard to see to whom else this would appeal to.

In the twilight years of Slade when Holder had moved on mentally and left all of the production to Lea, his slavish adherence to synth driven pap was counter productive and without the monster that was Holder alongside him Slade produced their weakest and most forgettable work, without Holder we got The Dummies, and that is basically what we have here.

Therapy was conceived originally way back in 2002 following on from the death of his father and some would argue that with the original collection of thirteen tracks that made up the LP he had managed to distance himself from the Jim Lea of Slade, he even took to calling himself James Whild Lea...well, it is his name after all!

The tracks offer an insight into Lea's 'tortured' soul and there may be more than a hint of cartharsis throughout as he tackles subjects close to him without too much of an overt wink to his past. The problem with the LP in total is that it doesn't hit any mark accurately enough to warrant repeated plays, yes it's very nice and twee in places, it sounded dated when it was first released and a decade or so later it sounds even more so.


David Graham, Slade In England



Sean P

"...........A new piece of art and Slade culture...."


Tony P

"....Whenever the bootleg of Jim Jam comes up on my ipod I usually skip it. Jim seemed to enjoy it so that's half the battle, like Sean, I didn't mind 'Therapy' but I won't lay out extra cash for a few extra tracks...."


Eamon J

"critically-acclaimed solo album" Oh yeah, which critics?.....Heard a lot worse. Listenable but not too often, and definitely not on repeat. Cant comment on the extra tracks as have not heard them and in no particular rush to either ....."


Keith H

".........They will be going Whild in the streets for this. It features songs, some of which aren't shite, singing, bass and other instruments by a man with more musical integrity than Dave Hill. As Cds go it's silver and about 5" wide......."


James D

".........Heard 'Therapy' once, sounded like it was written for Robbie Williams & Oasis. I don't own it, won't buy it. Jim Jam? Good to see the fella out playing, shrapnel guitar sounds that would re-circumcise a pre-circumcised cockless ladyboy castrato...don't care to listen to it ever again......"


Stephen M

"............It's Jim Lea and that's orl!..."


Denzil O'D

"......A thinking man's album?...well I think it's's taken the distance of time for me to see it clearly...when it came out I enjoyed it and thought it was really good... Like many Slade latter releases, I was that wrapped up in new product that I couldn't see it objectively... I gave it a spin last year and whilst I much prefer him doing his own stuff instead of clinging to the past, it does nothing for me now... I must be a non thinker. .......Overall, Therapy is the sound that prime time Slade effortlessly swept aside, Slade's one time master composer of sharp anthemic tunes James Lea has morphed into and is as relevant as James Blunt......"


Peter F

".......Therapy is a self indulgent pile of shit that is badly performed and chronically boring. It has no target audience, it is inconsistent and cringeworthy. To any Slade fan this is an embarrassment. A fart in church. Jim Jam is a homage to shit pub bands everywhere.The new release is the suicide note of Jim Lea's career. May it rest in peace......."


Paul A

"...........Are we talking about the same album? Therapy? James Whild Lea? I'm listening to it now. Sounds fine to me. In fact, some of the songs sound great. Then again I was never one to live in the past. They've been, they've gone. let it go...."


Andrew G

"..............A bit like Blur...i.e slightly worse than Oasis........."


Colin L

".........It beats going the dentist but not a memorable foot tapper..........."


George H

".........Absolutely fine set of CD's....Jim Jams a fine CD........"


Jim Lea's recently re-released LP now available as a two CD set from Wienerworld........


Click through for Jim Lea's Therapy


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