slades Noddy Holder Hollywood Palladium 1974A slick trio of real life rhinestone cowboys, unabashedly Texan from their illuminated Texas longhorn stage trappings to their riverboat gambler suits, ZZ Top captivated a full house of boogie lovers Nov. 22.

The trio is rapidly gaining recognition hereabouts for it's tightly knit distinctive sound, which set the crowd to beseech and receive two encores. The fact that it drew so well it's second time here is indicative of the success the group is experiencing presently nationwide.

Drawing heavily from it's first album "Tres Hombres", and it's latest release, "Fandango", the group draws raves from the crowd for such offerings as, "The Girl Who Stole My Blue Jeans" and it's near classic, "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers". Group's sound system leaves a bit to be desired, as lyrics become almost unintelligible above the instruments but this is mere technical problem easily solved.

British rockers Slade opened the show and displayed their formidable skills. The players are all gifted musicians and perform well in ensemble. Costuming is elaborate with the emphasis on the order of Cockney "Pearly Kings". The audience responded well to its selections but they were clearly ZZ Top partisans. It does seem rather a shame that Slade, does not command the recognition afforded other groups with considerably less to offer.


JIM STEPHEN, Billboard, 13/12/1975