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Year Zero ~ 1977




slade Don Powell Earls Court 1973The whole music scene in the UK that Slade had left behind them in 1975 while they failed in their attempt to crack and then conquer the US market had changed beyond recognition when they finally returned to Blighty late in 1976. Lead singer Noddy Holder became a father in December that year and the band prepared to take up where they had left off.

First of allkicking off the new year a single "Gypsy Roadhog" was released on their own Barn record lable as a taster from their forthcoming album, "Whatever Happened To Slade"

The single was universally slammed by the British music press who were by this time all tossing themselves off silly to the likes of the Sex Pistols as the Punk generation sneered and snotted their way through university. Slade were old hat and considered rock dinosaurs, the epitome of everything that the spiky haired youth of the day were 'rebelling' against.

Regardless of what the hacks in the music press thought, Slade announced an 11 date concert tour of the country, climaxing at London's premier venue the Rainbow Theatre. To get back into the swing of things the band invited the cream of the UK's music press over to Denmark where the band were due to play a series of warm up gigs to brush away any cobwebs that may have been hanging around.

Despite the band playing some 400 gigs in the preceding two years in North America, and having a couple of preliminary gigs in Norway, the Copenhagen gig in front of the invited press backfired as they gave a disappointing lack lustre performance in a half full Falkoner Theatre. The band quickly cancelled the remaining five dates and returned to the UK, no doubt to get their shit together away from the prying eyes of the press.


slade Don Powell Earls Court 1973Instead, the band rush released their new LP "Whatever happened To Slade" for the press to review. The comments were mixed, with some reviewers raving about it, and others giving it a big thumbs down. It was however eagerly awaited by the bands dwindling fan base, as were their first concerts in the country for two years. It was time for Slade to reclaim some of their former glory and show everyone who came along to the shows just what they were all about, the tour got under way on the 1st May.

Kicking off in the West Country at Bristol's Colston Hall the band played and promoted both old and new material which was as expected greeted more than enthusiastically by those who turned out to see them.

It was generally accepted that the tour from a fans perspective was a resounding success, Slade were back, larger than life and twice as loud as they ever were. Dave Hill was sporting a bald pate having finally decided to do away with the sham he had been living for years with a classic bald patch being combed over. The band were tighter, their years on the road in the States had improved their playing no end and the fans were loving it. but it was not a financial success, no tours ever really are, but here it was clear to see that the band were having trouble attracting an audience large enough to sell out the venues, with many shows having seats available and empty throughout.

The press sharpened their quills and filled their inkwells with a unique poison to brand the band as boring, uninspiring and waaay past their sell by date. Earlier in the year their single 'Gypsy Roadhog' had barely troubled the lower reaches of the top 40 before sinking without trace, the new LP was to fare even worse and became the first new Slade LP to not make the charts since Play It Loud in 1969.


Slade Germany 1977 Rubettes Supermax Pussycat tourbusFollowing the completion of the May tour (apart from a gig at the Ipswich Gaumont which was cancelled and rearranged for the end of the month) Slade bizarrely took part in a two week long stint in Germany where they appeared at a series of mainly free concerts organised by German teen mag 'Musik Joker' where they were one of four acts appearing each night, German band 'Supermax', 'Pussycat' (yes that Pussycat) and the Rubettes made up the other three...what a night out that must have been...OK..I'm taking the piss!

The band continued to promote their single and album releases wherever and however they could, including pitching up on the BBC's afternoon flagship show 'Pebble Mill At One' . It was to prove a quiet and in many ways defining year for the band, a year which bassist Jim Lea would later describe as 'Year Zero...year dot...Pol Pot...start all over again"

Times were indeed a changing, the fan club suddenly folded after the April issue of the Fan Club news, no further tours were announced for the year, but there was talk of the band contemplating a university/club tour coupled with the release of a second live LP.

They did take the opportunity to spread their wings further and took themselves off to Eastern Germany to appear on German TV where they mimed a set of 'hits' at a TV studio in Erfurt, an unremarkable little town that had previously only been known as one of the towns where the gas chamber ovens were manufactured during Hitler's Reich. In addition they also released in October their 'tribute' to Elvis Presley who had rather foolishly fatted himself to death earlier in the year. 'My Baby Left Me/That's Alright' a track first tried out live in the US the previous year, and fully integrated into the stage show during the May 77' UK tour, managed to scrape it's way to a chart high of 32 before slipping away into obscurity with the band following rapidly behind....the dark years had arrived.




UK Single Released Gypsy Roadhog
UK Single Charts - Gypsy Roadhog Enters chart at No 58
Blue Peter BBC TV Gypsy Roadhog
UK Single Charts - Gypsy Roadhog
Up 10 places to No 48




UK Single Released Burning In The Heat Of Love


Chateau neuf, Oslo  
Falkoner Teatret - Copenhagen Press gig (Links 1 2 3 )
UK Album Released Whatever Happened To Slade
Holstebrohallen - Holstebro, Denmark Cancelled
Dyrskuehallen, Hjørring, Denmark Cancelled
Tvedhallen - Tved, Denmark Cancelled
Aalborghallen - Aalborg, Denmark Cancelled
Nykøbing F Hallen - Nykøbing Denmark Cancelled
Dave Hill shaves head Grasshopper is born.




Colston Hall, Bristol Liar-Slade
Winter Gardens, Bournemouth Liar-Slade (Review)
City Hall, Sheffield Liar-Slade
Empire Theatre, Liverpool Liar-Slade
Hippodrome, Birmingham Liar-Slade
Civic Hall, Wolverhampton Liar-Slade
Free Trade Hall, Manchester Liar-Slade (Review)
City Hall, Newcastle Liar-Slade (Review)
Apollo Theatre, Glasgow
Gaumont Theatre, Ipswich
Cancelled (Holder loses voice)
Rainbow Theatre, London
Liar-Slade (Review)
Ernst-Merck Halle, Hamburg
Slade, Rubettes, Supermax, Pussycat
Festhalle, Frankfurt
Slade, Rubettes, Pussycat
Neidersachsenhalle, Hannover
Slade, Rubettes, Supermax, Pussycat
Philipshalle, Dusseldorf
Slade, Rubettes, Supermax, Pussycat
Westfalenhalle, Dortmund
Slade, Rubettes, Supermax, Pussycat
Sporthalle, Koln
Slade, Rubettes, Supermax, Pussycat
Deutschlandhalle, Berlin
Slade, Rubettes, Supermax, Pussycat
Sporthalle, Augsberg
Slade, Rubettes, Supermax, Pussycat
Circus Krone, Munchen
Slade, Rubettes, Supermax, Pussycat
Sporthalle, Boblingen b Stuttgart
Slade, Rubettes, Supermax, Pussycat
Gaumont Theatre, Ipswich
Cocksparrer - Slade (Review)




UK Single Released My Baby Left Me/That's Alright
TOTP Appearance My Baby Left Me/That's Alright
UK Single Charts - My Baby Left Me/That's Alright
Number 32

German tour information translated by Katharina Zielinski ~ Official Slade In England German Operative

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