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Slade LIVE derby 1981Slade got with it --- and gave Birmingham fans a night to remember at the weekend.

No one who watched their Christmas bonanza at the Odeon could have doubted that the former chart toppers are on their way back with a vengeance.

The fans started the night at fever pitch and Noddy took them from strength to strength in a rip roaring set that did not lose pace for a second. The jubilant football crowd atmosphere continued even after the lights went up, with Noddy setting the crowd singing along to the cinema muzak.

No one could grudge the Wolverhampton outfit their sensational comeback reception. Having slogged for four years through the small club circuit since their fall from favour they deserve it for sheer determination alone.

Some of the rawest edges have been rubbed off in that time but Slade are still sticking basically to their raucous, gutsy over the top brand of rock. And despite the blow to their pride they have not lost an ounce of enthusiasm for what they are doing.

Classics like 'Gudbuy T 'Jane' and 'Merry Christmas' inevitably set the sell out crowd jumping the hardest -- but they could hardly have asked for a better reaction to any of the numbers.



From the archive of Chris Selby

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