New Slade In England Version of 'How Does It Feel

Record 1
Name: dave
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Time: 1997-07-31 11:41:56
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Record 2
Name: Jayne E Bacon
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From: England
Time: 1997-07-31 21:04:53
Comments: Great Site! Good Music and Pics.. Thanks


Record 3
Name: Dave Jewell
Website: The Slade Journal Homepage
Time: 1997-08-01 11:31:34
Comments: Hi Dave! Great site you have here mate! Thanks for letting fans know of the Journal site. Fans can still still visit the Journal site for a little while, until Mark takes it on full time. I'm always here if you need anything. All the best Dave Jewell editor/director The Slade Journal Fan Club


Record 4
Name: colin
From: england
Time: 1997-08-03 20:49:09
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Record 5
Name: Frances Maynard
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Weeley
Time: 1997-08-04 00:18:10
Comments: I JUST SURFED IN AND THINK THAT YOUR SITE IS GREAT. My brother used to make me listen to them, he has brainwashed my daughter, and is starting on my son. Great site


Record 7
Name: Alex
Website: The Sladenet
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Time: 1997-08-04 09:05:19
Comments: Pretty good start


Record 8
Name: Steve Marsh
Website: What Never Happened To SLADE
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Time: 1997-08-05 22:31:05
Comments: Hey Davey Boy. Great to see a proper FANatic has a site up and running. I'm sure yours will be one of the better sites once you've got it going. For anyone out there who doesn't know David, well let me tell you, he forgot more than I'll ever know about Slade but at least we've got a lad who remembers a hell of a lot about those rockin' 70's , when Slade were in their prime :)) KEEP A ROCKIN' & A ROLLIN" in ESSEX TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!


Record 9
Name: Simon Moxon
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: Surrey, England
Time: 1997-08-09 15:34:53
Comments: Dave. So you have got a guestbook!!! Great start a fab site that has loads of potential.The download of 'Let The Good Times Roll' is excellent, the most original thing on a Slade site so far. Keep up the good work mate and I must try and get my site up and running. Keep it rollin Simon.


Record 10
Name: Ilpo Bister
From: Helsinki, Finland
Time: 1997-08-15 08:42:21
Comments: Hi, David ! Nice to find yet another great Slade web site ! Impressive look on your page ! Greetings from a lifelong Slade fan from Finland since 1972 ("Who's Crazee Now?" - "Nod Weer All Crazee Now And Forever!") !


Record 11
Name: Dmitri
Time: 1997-08-17 11:41:29
Comments: "You Boyz Make Big Noize" was their return to the good old times, as far as I am concerned. SLADE will rock forever !!! I still think that Russian SLADE fans are the most dedicated fans of all; although most of us have never seen the band live. Keep on rockin' !!! Dmitri


Record 12
Name: Dave Sanchez snr
Referred by: From a Friend
Time: 1997-08-17 11:43:47
Comments: I don't know who you are or why you sent me this Slade address, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU....LONG LIVE SLADE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave Ps: Keep up the good work !!!!!!


Name: D
Time: 1997-08-17 11:46:07
Comments: Some 70 times you saw Slade?? Good God, if only I hadn't been caused by the rest of this backwards-thinking country (not that they know that, of course) to miss Slade until 1984, and if not for Jim Lea's hepatitis that year....but, oh well, maybe when the four of them are as old as the Stones.... Make my life less unfulfilled--tell me some of their 20 years worth of live performances are available on video!! Thanks for the offer on finding the rarer (or so we think in the U.S.) Slade stuff for me. I've noticed Slade fans stick with Slade fans quite a bit; great comeraderie, or however you spell that, going on here. I'll take you up on that offer whenever I can! I only have what I have because sometime in '86 I forced an Israeli girl on her way home to stop in England (and go to the Trumpet in Wolverhampton!) for me and go on a shopping spree. I'm hanging on to your e-mail and I will be in touch. Thanks again for the help and for the great new site!! Be talking to you soon! D P.S. It stands for "Darrell". If it was "Dave" or "Don" I would've kept it.


Record 14
Name: D
Referred by: From a Friend
From: U S OF A
Time: 1997-08-17 11:49:13
Comments: David, Excellent stuff, this Slayed in England page!! Love it so far! (Nice rare 'skinhead period' photo too!) I can't agree with you more about the 'chicken in a basket' thing (is that an English phrase?!), as much as I love Dave and used to be a source of great pride that Slade went on for so long and it was always Noddy, Jim, Dave and Don, period, end of discussion, no questions asked. No other band has ever been able to do that, and we all loved Slade for it. Re: the packing it in thing/running out of ideas... I can't agree less. I'll admit a few songs there are not up to par (but, y'know, I'm reminded that there were a couple on, say, Slade in Flame for example where they could've done better also), but only a songwriting team worth their salt and everybody else's could ever come up with "We Won't Give in", "It's Hard Having Fun Nowadays" or "The Roaring Silence". I was really hoping there would be 28 (at that point it was 28) more years of the incredible, indefatigable, unstoppable Slade.....but it was not to be. Thanks for the you said, there are a lot of them out there. We needed one more, just like we need one more Slade album. D Talada


Record 15
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1997-08-17 11:49:29
Comments: Hi Dave, continuous without being able to enter in your web. Please, tell me if the address that I have in my web it is correct. Sincerely. Antonio Rojas

Record 16
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1997-08-17 11:52:35
Comments: Yo! Dave my man. Well if you could squeeze Melinda Messenger down my line I'd be ecstatic! No, well how about any live versions of Skweeze Me Pleaze Me, Look Wot You Dun or something from the Baileys at Watford gigs.I haven't heard any of those so anything would be great. Do you know if anyone has the Earls Court gig on video or audio tapes?, I'd love to see/hear that one. Any inclusions will be great. Keep up the good work. Simon.

Record 17
Name: Luca
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1997-08-17 12:43:06
Comments: Hi man, today's my birthday. I'm 40, you know, but I'm still crazy for SLADE since 1973. Downloading Slade's mp3 from your site is the best present I could have. Keep on rockin', man, today you made me happy. Ciao Luca Mama, were all crazee now!

Record 18
Name: Dave Stringwell
Website: Strategies Synonymous
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Scunthorpe, England
Time: 1997-08-18 22:57:57
Comments: Fucking great idea man, all Slades best and rarest on MP3 for all to share, personally I can't wait for some of the early Ambrose Slade stuff c. Beginnings. Keep on Rockin.


Record 19
Name: Danny Foster
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Chippenham, Wiltshire
Time: 1997-08-18 22:58:34
Comments: Keep up the good work!!! It would be great to see the lads get together for a tour or gigs again. I saw them 5 to 6 times during their career. Certainly the best live band I've ever seen. As Nod would say, in his steam hammer manner "KEEP A ROCKIN!!!".


Record 20
Name: Thomas
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Sweden
Time: 1997-08-19 22:04:46
Comments: It will be nice to see your Slade page in the future Were you at Town Hall in Wallsall in 1991?

Record 21
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1997-08-21 15:51:23
Comments: . I got into Slade in 1973. I bought many of their LPs since then. So..Get Down and Get With It! Love that links page also. SLADE RULES!!!!! Dave


Record 22
Name: jorgen
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1997-08-21 20:36:12
Comments: Thank you for an interesting site about the world's Greatest Band (the original line up).


Record 24
Name: Matt Casse
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: USA
Time: 1997-08-22 00:06:18
Comments: My Oh My! You have to put My Oh My in MP3 format! Damnit I love that song!


Record 25
Name: Bob Mercer
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Ontario, Canada
Time: 1997-08-22 06:01:06
Comments: Nicely done page, lad. Always good to see that someone hasn't forgotten the TRUE noize boyz. You know they're good when their songs of over 25 years ago can still make you smile and yell at the top of your lungs. I raise a Black & Tan to Noddy, Jim, Dave, and Don. Cheers mates!


Record 26
Name: sara
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Essex
Time: 1997-08-22 12:55:09
Comments: Hiya. Just checked out site as promised. Love it. I may be a mere whipper snapper but still got all old originals-must have been about 7 at the time seeya saz

Record 27
Name: Samuel Furingsten
From: Sweden
Time: 1997-08-27 19:30:18
Comments: I would just like to thank you for the best Slade site around! I am a Slade fan and have all the "official" recordings and some bootlegs on CD, cassette and VHS and your MP3-files are just great!!! I have downloaded some live tracks that I hadn't before...! Very nice! KOR Ps. IF you have any studio outtakes that would be hotter than hot!!! Also interesting is live recordings of songs rarely played live - e.g. Okey Cokey, Sign of the Times, Don't waste Your time, songs from Kamikaze (maybe not My oh My *smile*)... I guess you know what I mean...!

Record 28
Name: donkey Head
Time: 1997-08-28 03:07:51
Comments: This page rocks! I found it through the Slade e-mail circle which I run. If you wanna git in on cool shit like this then e-mail me to join the circle. Steele


Record 29
Name: Ken Campbell
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Liverpool England
Time: 1997-08-28 18:56:10
Comments: Well done lads, good to see a Slade site in English. If anyone is into serious collecting then please email me. Keep On The Rockin'!!


Record 30
Name: jorgen
Referred by: From a Friend
From: sweden
Time: 1997-08-28 22:25:56
Comments: Hi David Many thanks for making 'Crying in the Rain' available on your excellent site. jorgen


Record 31
Name: jorgen
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: sweden
Time: 1997-09-04 11:59:37
Comments: Hi David, It was very nice indeed to see the scanned covers of your Slade singles. Your site keeps getting better and better! It's easier to navigate now when you are using frames. One small suggestion: split up the text on the index page into several paragraphs to make it easier to read. While I'm at it, a request for the "'Feel the Noize" page: Raining in My Champagne (another "rainy" song I haven't heard yet :) Regards, Jorgen


Record 32
Name: Carsten
Website: Bak 'Ome page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Germany
Time: 1997-09-04 12:05:20
Comments: Hi David, now I managed to get onto your site. Well dun, Mr. Man!!! Rare pictures, nice audio, a wall of hits to voto (!) and all the articles, did ya type them yourself??? Really well dun, great site, very refreshing. On next update I'll trow a link! You did learn very fast! I'm proud to see your and all the other sites on the net. A lot of Slade fans around! Keep on rockin' Carsten


Record 33
Name: Dave Root
Website: Slade Alive
Referred by: Viewing another Guestbook
From: USA
Time: 1997-09-04 21:19:37
Comments: Hey Dave, Your site is lookin' great!!! The MP3s are fantastic. Keep it up!! EXCELLENT!! and thank you once again for all the help you gave us this side of the pond with our Slade site. Dave


Record 34
Name: Ray
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Australia
Time: 1999-09-05 12:01:55
Comments: FFFFFFantastic Site --- Thanks a million David, those Links on the site will fill a few hours in also. Again Thanks Ray


Record 35
Name: Simon Moxon
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Surrey, England
Time: 1997-09-05 21:17:19
Comments: What can I say Dave. This site is getting better all the time and the downloads are great. Iv'e just downloaded 'comin home'' and have to meekly admit it's the first time Iv'e heard it. I will send you an article on some of the gigs I went to over the years, and my meetings with the boys.....Just give me time! Keep up the great work mate, no bloomin fish n chips... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. (As the great man himself used to say)


Record 36
Name: D Talada
Referred by: From a Friend
From: States
Time: 1997-09-06 21:31:25
Comments: Yes.....MORE! MORE! MORE!! @#%! Americans, I have never heard "Raining in my Champage", as I haven't been able to come up with that single yet!! That was great!! Could be one of my new favorite Slade songs, if I could just get the damn thing!! (I know about the bootleg CD with all these b-sides, which I'll get as soon as I can....) Thank God for your site!!!


Record 37
Name: Peter
Referred by: From a Friend
From: England
Time: 1997-09-06 23:29:43
Comments: Well, I have to say that I have only just picked my jaw up off the ground - having just surfed your site from end to end. I am truly gobsmacked to see that any individual could be as sad as you obviously are to devote so much of your energy to a band that I never thought were very good anyway. Weren't they that jaded lot who always seemed to be trotted out at Christmas to jolly up those people who are too drunk to partake in intelligent conversation ? I have a sneaking admiration for your gall in displaying a total lack of taste. Well done !


Record 38
Name: Dave Graham
Time: 1997-09-07 00:15:22
Comments: Hi Peter, Thanks for your comments in my guest book. Thank you for taking the time to surf it from end to end. I am truly gobsmacked to see that any individual could be as sad as you obviously are to devote so much time and energy to surfing a site about a band that you never thought were much good any way. Are'nt you one of those jaded people that drunk intelligent people have trotted out at christmas to totally ignore ? I hope that you took the time to surf the other Slade sites that exist to sneakily admire their gall too. Thank you


Record 39
Name: Jennifer
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Texas
Time: 1997-09-07 10:29:31
Comments: Hey I dont know this group but you are a hunk, do you want to come out and play with me and my friends??? Jen


Record 40
Name: Donna Perkin
Website: I don't have one
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Australia The place you most hate !!!!
Time: 1997-09-10 07:09:59
Comments: : That really is a bad photo, would you like me to send you a better one, from back in the days when you were happy. I haven't been bothered to read all the shit on this yet, but no doubt I'll get bored enough one day and have a look. I am sure you have talked at me about it before, selective memory I think you call it. C.Ya

Record 41
Name: Dave Root
Website: Slade Alive
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1997-09-14 00:35:20
Comments: Hey Buddy, I'm glad you enjoyed the pix, and your site is really EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your mp3s are fantastic, I've been archiving, listening and really enjoying Slade tunes I've never heard. Keep up the great work, and like a great man once said (stealing your words, but they fit and your right) KEEP ON ROCKIN' Later, Dave Michigan USA

Record 42
Name: Caitlin
Website: Enchanted World of Fantasy
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Australia
Time: 1997-09-17 12:26:12
Comments: : Hi David, Even though I have never heard of Slade I like you site :) Looks like you've put a lot of effort into it. I haven't worked on my site in soooooooooooooo long! Anyway, take care, Nicole

Record 43
Name: Antonio L. Rojas
Website: Spanish Slade Page
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Spain
Time: 1997-09-18 03:55:19
Comments: Por fin he logrado conectar con tu pagina, creo que estas haciendo un gran trabajo, sigue en esta linea y sere un asiduo a tu pagina. Espero que lo entiendas, segun me dijiste entendias algo de español. Saludos

Record 44
Name: Paul Caporino
Website: M.O.T.O. Home Page - Masters Of The Obvious
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Chicago USA
Time: 1997-09-18 16:16:49
Comments: Dear Dave and fellow Slade fans, I have to admit that I'm not thrilled with the idea of a semi-Slade milking the UK/Europe nostalgia circuit. Slade without Noddy Holder is like Jaws without the shark. There were a few songs I liked on These Boyz, though. "She's Heavy", "The Roaring Silence" - I've always liked anthems like that, and "It's Hard Having Fun Nowadays". The riff on the title track sounds a bit too much like the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right To Party" and I'm not sure which record came out first. But the whole album suffers from over-production - corny-sounding synths, Rockmans instead of real amps, and Roy Thomas Baker. But I'm real glad to see this site and I'll be sure to check in from time to time.

Record 45
Name: Carsten
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Austria
Time: 1997-09-19 09:15:46
Comments: hi david (in austria: szervas)!! thak you for your mail. my friend tryed it and got it (with his windows-system). he's downloading at this moments. thak you for your work, it's fantastic to hear early slade. i saw them only once, but i love them until now. it's a pity they dont play with noddy am jimmy... hear you calling

Record 46
Name: Mark
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Melbourne Australia
Time: 1997-09-19 09:18:58
Comments: Hello David, Thanks for making those MP3s available. I have a question for you regarding the Wolverhampton Fiesta 1981. Am I going deaf or is that someone OTHER than Noddy H singing? Mark


Record 47
Name: Dave Root
Website: slade alive
Referred by: From a Friend
From: U S A
Time: 1997-09-24 19:50:08
Comments: Hey Dave, I just wanted to write you about your references to Slade II on your site. I couldn't comment before I had heard them. I finally got to hear one of their CDs, It's damn hard to get ahold of any Slade stuff here in this cave I live in called the United States!!!HaHa Man, are you right on!! They sound pretty good, but travelling and performing under the SLADE name is a DISGRACE!!!!! Dave & Don should have had more respect for Noddy & Jim. And I'll tell ya the 3 greatest shows I've ever seen was the 3 times I got to see SLADE in Chicago, and damn it's been about 25yrs. since the last one. Let's hope for a reunion and I hope they come over here, only if its just for one show, I'll be there!!! Great job your doin' on your site and of course, KEEP ON ROCKIN' Dave


Record 48
Name: Gary (ROGUE) MacDonald
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Barrie,Ontario, Canada
Time: 1997-09-25 17:16:09
Comments: Great site, and soundz.Slade covering Nights in White Satin, what a buzz.The song I beleive sums up, not just Slade, but their entire network of rabid fanz has got to be I'M ME I'M NOW THATS ORL.Too hard to pick a top 10.In my locale it is extreemly difficult to get your hands on any Slade things, even CD's,as most music shops don't even have a Slade section. Keep on RRRock'n Gary


Record 49
Name: Beverley
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Fort Lauderdale
Time: 1997-09-29 03:56:28
Comments: I enjoyed your site Dave, thanks for the introduction. I am still laughing about my brother. (I am bound to lose some sleep tonight) Anyway, back to your site. Very informative, straight and to the point, it bought back some good memories (Kidbrooke Comprehensive all girls school, yes I had some friends that were big slade fans too scarves and all). I like how you nicely booted off those that have not a clue and no appreciation for such a great group.... Nice one. I am looking forward to some of the new photos you plan to publish, and would be interested to know what the band (members) is doing now. I do not have any sound at the mo, but it would be nice to be able to hear some of those songs again. I better go before I end up writing a book. See ya.


Record 50
Name: peter Everet
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: U K
Time: 1997-10-01 00:00:52
Comments: Just found your site and wanted to say well done, great job !!! I have been a big fan since 1971......seem them more times than I care to remember - must be 25 plus......also seen Slade 2 about 4 times, but I have to agree with your sentiments on that. I liked your collection of singles...... Keep on rockin (as they say) Peter


Record 51
Name: Shelly
Website: madjamz
Referred by: Net Search
From: new jersey
Time: 1997-10-02 02:32:20
Comments: You have no idea how entirely psyched I am to have found your web site. I'm an American chick who's never had the pleasure of seeing Slade live but have tried desperately (and often successfully) to turn all my friends on to them. Now I know I have a place to go to to check up on one of my favorite bands, and to learn some things that I would never be able to find out on my own. THANKS!


Record 52
Name: Gene Simmons
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Motor City U S
Time: 1997-10-05 14:45:21
Comments: : Hey there in England...... pleased to see Noddy and the boys so well remembered!!! They were the best.... Gene Simmons KISS


Record 53
Name: Simon Moxon
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Surrey England
Time: 1997-10-12 00:40:55
Comments: Each time I log onto this bloomin site I spend ages downloading stuff and looking at all the new bits. This is costing me a fortune in phone bills you b"£$*^d Graham. Still the best site on the web for Slade. The boys in blue know best eh Dave! Glad to see you now have somewhere new to park the bike! Get Lucky you wriggler....No don't worry folks he ain't gay......Can some of the female fans write to me I'm feeling left out.


Record 54
Name: Clive Duncan
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: England
Time: 1997-10-13 18:04:02
Comments: Private!!! -Click to View-

Record 55
Name: mr harding
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 1997-10-19 21:56:52
Comments: agree with your thoughts on the current "slade",slade died the day rouges tour was cancelled,shame noddy had not the balls to admit it was the end of the line then,the fans deserved a farewell tour,still i bet his book will be yet another whitewash,jim ("the truth is boring") lea writing a book would be interesting! what people should realise Slade was a buisness and they look after no 1.and they dont give a toss about the "fans"( i remember on the my o my tour being told by haden (road manager)in swansea dont go to cardiff gig tomorrow they are going to do top of the pops instead)all they care about is the general public opinion, one press release for wall of hits even mentioned how they played a concert for the fans at the 25year convention at walsall,this release came from official slade sources, the truth was noddy came out under protest did johny b good and pissed off, even though the rest were prepared to carry on,he then had the hump for the rest of the night,but fair play to him, his personal persona is that of good time nice chap and that is what the general public remember and it is them who buy tv compilations in thousands .still ive got all the records seen the real slade in loads of real venues and have real memories,seeing slade is the one thing dave jewell can boast in the entertainning war of the fan club web sites,malcolm skellington never saw the real slade,but he enjoys being in the limelight with dave and don,giving him a chance to sell tacky merchandise,some thing that dave is also guilty off,but at least dave is a slade fan and likes the music! lets hope they have stands together at the forthcoming book signings,should be world war 3!!!

Record 56
Name: Jákup Bærentsen
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: The Faroe Islands
Time: 1997-10-20 13:35:37
Comments: Private!!! -Click to View-


Record 57
Name: Alex
Referred by: From a Friend
Time: 1997-10-21 08:56:27
Comments: Hey man! Seems you took my advises tooo serious :-)) Doin' alright. Slade items are good. wish I could rescan your Slade pics coz its quality is suxx mostly. Luck


Record 58
Name: John Parton
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: England
Time: 1997-10-23 23:15:22
Comments: As along time slade fan new to the internet it is refreshing to find a slade page thats not afraid to tell the truth i too think thay should change the name to its not that thay are a bad may be a good pub band but it shames the name of the gratest r'n'r band ever keep up the good work as the man says keep rock 'n' and rolling


Record 59
Name: Dave
Website: Slade Alive
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: The States
Time: 1997-10-27 23:18:01
Comments: Hey Dave, After your wake up call, Mr. Holder's book review is posted. So keep on rockin' from the USA!!! And let's keep SLADE alive. Dave

Record 60
Name: Erna Fraterman
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: holland
Time: 1997-10-31 07:30:34
Comments: hai, Bedankt dat je me op de hoogte houdt van de slade-site. Weet je misschien ook of slade nog eens naar holland komt


Record 61
Referred by: From a Friend
Time: 1997-11-08 00:30:07


Record 62
Name: Vic
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: States,formally Russia
Time: 1997-11-09 01:12:39
Comments: Hey David ! Just checked your site , man it's wonderfull stuff you are put there ... I can beleve it so great ... Thanx from the bottom of my heart

Record 63
Name: John
Referred by: From a Friend
From: States,
Time: 1997-11-09 01:17:33

Record 64
Name: Dave
Website: Slade Alive
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: The States
Time: 1997-11-10 00:43:29
Comments: Hey Dave, Howdy from the US, Been spending(seems like)hours downloading the B-side stuff. Excellent!!! Keep up the great work!! Later Dave


Record 65
Name: JOHN
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Brooklyn
Time: 1997-11-10 22:41:25
Comments: Dave ...I feel what you are doing is a great service ...and if I can contribute in a some little way...well makes me feel like part of a larger Slade thing...ya..see ,,,growing up in the States was all Led Zeppelin ....even the skels who couldn't spell it were fans....most of them immediately moved on to disco or the next flavor of the decade...but to be a Slade fan in the States was quite a task....sure the Joey Ramones knew what you were talkin' about at CBGB's ,,,,and on Long island ...Twisted Sister knew the deal...and when Glen Tilbrook & the UK Squeeze or Eddie Jobson (who had them drop the 'UK") came Stateside ...we spent hours talkin' Slade...I guess it made them feel at home!....but here....most blockheads didn't even realize Page was British....let alone wake from their comas to sweat t' Slade! They smoked their pot ...listened to Zep ...tossed dangerous explosives at the concerts ,,,,and called themselves fans....only real rockers got what we were spreading....and by then Slade went pop...& AC/DC stole the thunder Stateside with their mock-up,,,,we later re-witnessed this again in 1984 with Kevin Do-Blow & co....I totally agree with you that Dave & Don should've dropped the name ....Slayed?...would've sufficed...have you notice that the "ll" in Slade "ll" is made up of a doubling of a paint drip next to the Slade logo on "Universe" ...the last Slade release?,,,,I'm sure ya did,,,,well anyway ...I am very in your debt ,,,I thank you the Muchest,,,,Guys like you keep Dappel Rose in grazing in the pasture and out of the glue factory!.....God Rock Ya! We Needs ya! ta! JVR


Record 66
Name: Roger
Referred by: AOL
From: France
Time: 1997-11-13 00:34:33
Comments: Un des 3 meilleurs sites concernant les rois du glam!!


Record 67
Name: Lorelle
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Australia
Time: 1997-11-14 07:29:17
Comments: To you I owe my current relationship with Slade!! As I circumambulate in ever diminishing circles, a maniacal whistling of slade tunes coming from.....aaarghh!!!.....from ME!!! Not just the best Slade site on the planet - the best web site babe!!


Record 68
Name: Chris
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: London
Time: 1997-11-14 12:46:36
Comments: This site is great - if you are a beginner I look forward to seeing it when you get good! I have loved Slade ever since my crappy old transistor blasted out Look Wot You Dun at me in 1972. I have very diverse tastes but Slade have always been more than just a band that I like - they are up there with Manchester City FC as objects of logic-defying love and loyalty. I haven't seen Slade II and have no intention of doing so - no Noddy, no Slade. Love it - keep it up.


Record 69
Name: John Simmons
Website: Slade - Weer All Crazee
Referred by: From a Friend
From: England
Time: 1997-11-14 20:04:18
Comments: Hi Dave, I was just RRRRRocKIn an a RRRRRolLIn through your pages to keep an eye on it. GRRRAYT stuff, keep up the good work. It's getting better an' better with changes here an' there. KEEP ON ROCKIN'


Record 70
Name: Peter
Referred by: Signing another Guestbook
From: Warsaw, Poland
Time: 1997-11-16 13:31:02
Comments: Private!!! -Click to View-


Record 71
Name: Carsten Scholz
Website: Slade bak'ome Page
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Germany
Time: 1997-11-19 15:52:06
Comments: Hi David, Slayed in England, good titel for a crazee Slade page! You present a lot of rare stuff, really refreshing for every fan. Thanks and keep it going and sure Keep on rockin'


Record 72
Name: peter schroevers
Referred by: Net Search
From: the netherlands
Time: 1997-11-23 21:12:35
Comments: just wunderfull


Record 73
Name: Gary MacDonald
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Canada
Time: 1997-11-27 16:23:21
Comments: I really must thank you Dave, for making all those rare/impossible to find tracks available. I have been trying for years on end to get some of those.I have downloaded all the tracks not available, I have been a huge Slade fan since around 73, it's fantastic to see and hear so many keeping the faith, as Slade were the greatest. Once again thanks.


Record 74
Name: stevemacdonaldm
Website: in2home
Referred by: Net Search
From: scotland
Time: 1997-11-27 18:53:44
Comments: glad to find this site seek early slade stuff


Record 75
Name: ray Burrell
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: london
Time: 1997-11-27 20:24:48
Comments: I just want to say what an excellent site this is. I used to have all the singles but lost them years ago, I can listen to all the B sides again for the first time in years, Thanks For The Memories. Ray






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