Jimmy Lea Slade Hammersmith Odeon 1974 Slades Crazee NiteSLADE have never been known as a subtle band - the more popular they become, the more down to earth their act is. Add to that their increasing penchant for elaborate sets and clothes and you have some idea what the gig at the Hammersmith Odeon last week was like.

Beckett opened the show - a thankless task - preceeding Slade. The concensus of opinion was that they could have done with a bit more experience, before tackling such large venues (and P.A's).

They managed quite well, but could also do with stronger material.

I noticed to my surprise, that the house was not sold out - there were several completely empty rows at the back of the stalls. But as soon as Slade emerged, that hardly mattered, because 90% of the audience pushed to the front.

The stage was set with an elaborate contraption of space age props and lights, erected for the boys to do their prancing around on. The numbers they played were the usual mixture of hits and album tracks, with numbers from "Old, New, Borrowed and Blue". As the 'quiet' number the lads did 'Everyday', which went down really well.

One measure of a good gig is the audience response, and this audience thoroughly enjoyed Slade. They joined in wholeheartedly with everything, and the response they gave to football songs was truly amazing. If I was disappointed, it was because I've seen better Slade gigs, but to be honest, they're still one of the best live bands we've got and can always be relied upon for a good show.


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