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Slade LIVE Bradford University 1979THE culmination of Slade's British tour at London's Hammersmith Odeon - a Saturday night out for the kids and the anxious parents who stood by in the foyer.

A night to remember though for all concerned and Slade? Well, a chance to really let rip after a strenuous series of dates.

It all looked good on paper and the band tore through their set as if it was their debut date in front of a British audience.

The colourful top hats, the scarves and the now familiar braces and boots are a sight and the band are even getting choosy about the colour and "smell" of the numerous pairs of knickers and other garments which seem to find their way on stage.

Perhaps it's time for the boyz to change their stage image though into something more fashionable. Noddy is still the dated bovver boy and Dave Hill dresses like some pouved up version of Genesis' Peter Gabriel.

Jimmy Lea wore a bright yellow jump suit with knee length boots - this guy's got more taste than the others put together and Don Powell adorns himself simply.

But the kids emulate their heroes, dress and worship the music whether it's golden oldies like 'Get Down And Get With It', 'Take Me Bak' 'Ome' or newer material from the Borrowed And Blue album.

Slade seem rather reluctant to change their set much at this stage. Apart from 'Everyday' and 'When The Lights Are Out' (Jimmy Lea on lead vocals) - both from Borrowed and Blue, the material largely comprised bygone successes.

However, the show was done in such a professional manner with the lights being the best I've seen from any British band, that it's easier to compromise oneself rather than criticise.

It just seems a pity though that Britain's foremost "good time" rock band is not changing with the times as maybe one expects them to.


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