Speak up, I've just heard Slade





Noddy Holder & Jimmy Lea Slade Blackpool Norbreck castle 1980The latest rock survivors to wash up on the shores of Blackpool last night probably wondered why anyone ever reported them missing.

After a "quiet" period of four years Slade blasted their way back into the consciousness of the converted and the curious at the Norbreck Nite Spot. Anyone on the streets of Blackburn probably also got an earful.

"Come On Feel The Noize" - one of a selection of anthems - took on a new meaning as tons of equipment normally reserved for concert halls swamped the Norbreck stage - and provided a sound blanket that everyone seemed to want to share.

With the added lighting paraphernalia it added up to an experience the audience will talk about for months..........just as soon as their hearing returns.

While Slade's set included many of their hit singles, among them "Get Down And Get With It" and "Goodbye to Jane" - the rest of the night was a rock anthology borrowing from Hendrix, Bolan, Steppenwolf and others with selections from the band's new " Six Of The Best " EP. "It's Alright When I'm Dancing." aimed at the charts, was delivered with the same aggression that was their hallmark in the early 70's, and should see them firmly re-established in the early 80's.



Photo courtesy of Ian Edmondson