slade all crazee again hammersmith odeon 1981 SLADE WERE left stranded when the tide of the new wave ran through the music business.

The fact that Slade made their reputation as one of the best nights out in the country has been obscured by the glitter of yesteryear.

This conditioning has detracted from the fact that they are impeccable musicians. Sure, Dave Hill still wiggles his bum while teetering dangerously on his high heels, but his guitar playing is always fresh, assured and entertaining - even without the lunatic visuals.

Jimmy Lea provides a standard of bass guitar virtuosity that merges perfectly with the relentless pounding of Don Powell's drums.

Noddy Holder still displays that legendary fog horn of a voice. that's hard, gritty and raspy, a classic rock 'n' roll blunt instrument.

The oldies like 'Take Me Bak 'Ome,' 'Look Wot U Dun', 'Gudbuy T'Jane' and 'Mama Weer All Crazee Now' all sounded even fresher than my memory lead me to expect.

The tracks from their new album 'Return To Base' sounded equally interesting.

Slade are as good a slice of text book loud, raucous, rowdy, rock n' roll spirit as you are likely to see.

It's time for a revaluation of Slade and it might as well start with you. I advise you to come and feel the noise soon.


MIKE GARDNER / RECORD MIRROR / 27th October 1979

Image courtesy of Dave Kemp





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