slade variety magazine 1973Slade blasted their way to success at the Academy of Music (20). Decibel count was up and so was the audience by the end.

Only one performance was scheduled originally in the British quartet’s first Gotham headline appearance, but another was added via a late show as the first went clean at a $5.50 top. It proved a good move as the second program also made it as the two Howard Stein programs grossed $32,400 of a potential $34,500.

Timing was off, however, as Grin, opening Spindizzy disk combo, opened the late show near 1 a.m. Saturday, more than 80 minutes after the listed start. Lengthy setup changes shoved Slade’s opening back to 3:40 a.m. with the bill concluding at about 4:45.

Grin proved to be an acceptable rock opener, especially leader, Tom [NILS] Lofgren on lead guitar and piano, vocals and small trampoline. Then came a powerful set by Black Oak Arkansas led by Jim (Dandy) Mangrum, glittery in attire and raunchy in vocal sound and material, most of which has been etched on Atco. Sextet constantly moved, musically and physically in their most effective local outing, gutsy and raw.

The volume of the opening acts was but a prelude to the blistering sound of Slade. The screaming audience badgering by lead vocalist Noddy Holder was not as offensive as previously, but still got in the way as the quartet’s dynamic energy would have been sufficient. The other members were garbed in glitter with lead guitarist Dave Hill also glittered on face and hair. Bass guitarist Jimmy Lea and drummer Don Powell complete the Polydor disk act.

Kirb - VARIETY - 25/4/1973





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