slades Noddy Holder 1972 mirrored top hatAt first, I thought the rumours of bad attendances at Slade gigs were true.

As the first band, Bunny, came on, the theatre was half empty. Of course by the time Slade were due on, the theatre was virtually full up. It's a shame that many people missed Bunny for they are one of the hottest support acts around. Linda Millington their lead singer kept everyone happy with her stamping around and hip gyrations while the rest of the band "laid down heavy riffs" of good clean rock.

Slade eventually came on to, of course, great adulation from their fans. They all jumped to their feet and the ones in front of the theatre never left that position, much to the security men's alarm. I suppose Slade's set was good, in Slade type comparisons. I don't particularly like their rather blatant, school girl aimed sexual actions or comments, like "The BBC banned our new single cos it had naughty words in it. We had to re-record it for them. Tonight we're going to play it for you - with the dirty words!"

They then proceed to play the song at such great volume that any words, dirty or not, were completely unintelligible; great shame, would like to have heard what they sang.

The fans of course adored it; the group performed most of their hits: Goodbuye To Jane, The Bandy Man, How Would You Feel, Mama We're All Crazy Now, etc, etc and went through a highly polished stage routine.

But in my opinion the lights were the only thing that held the show together.







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