Crawley's rock 'n' roll fans are

slayed by Slade





slade live crawley 1978FOR THOSE who bothered to turn up to see Slade at the sportscentre on Easter Monday, it was a magical night.

The group, once the idols of thousands treated their audience to rock 'n' roll music at its very best, storming through such hits as Get down and get with it and Gudbuy t' Jane.

But it was not only the excellence of the band's performance which was the focal point of the evening, but also the amazing apathy shown by the rock fans of Crawley in failing to support the gig.

This must raise a question mark over the Sportscentre as a venue for rock music.

Do the young people of Crawley really care about places to go and things to see in their town?

On the evidence of the 400 or so present on monday, they have obviously not yet made up their minds.

Disappointed promoter Nick Wilson, the man who must shoulder the huge losses, said: "I take small consolation in the fact that I, and the rest of the audience, witnessed the greatest rock show this town has ever seen."

It was difficult to disagree with Noddy Holder, the band's powerful singer, when he said that although the crowd was the smallest the band had played to on their current tour, he had enjoyed himself and they would be glad to return at a later date.

The spectacular lighting and excellent sound system implemented the groups musical expertise - this was indeed a concert the like of which Crawley is unlikely to see again.

The venue was perfect, Mr Wilson's organisation faultless, and the music first class. The question is not do the kids in Crawley want a place such as the sportscentre - but do they deserve one?


Steve Gillham, Crawley Observer Magazine, 31 march 1978

From the archive of Chris Selby

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