It's good to have Kojak back




slade noddy holder romps pedestals and shaking foundations"ELLO LONDON, we're Slade, do ya remember us?"
"Yes, yes, yes, yes!!"
Crash crash, bang, straight into 'Hear me Calling', the crowd are on their feet stomping and hollering. Idiot dancers surround me on all sides, I feel like an old age pensioner. Showers of dandruff cling to sweaty bodies & Slade charge around the stage churning out a solid wall of sound.

I'm pinned to my seat stunned by it all, I just cant believe that this is happening. Perhaps I'm stuck in a time warp. The only thing missing is the glitter & the silly shoes, other than that nothing has changed. Slade are back and playing as if they had never been away, the kids lap up everything that is pushed out to them.

The new songs, 'Lightning Never Strikes Twice', 'Don't wanna Give Up', mingle with the oldies 'Take Me Bak 'Ome', 'How Does It Feel', 'Gudbuy T Jane'. It's just perfect, the lights are in complete synch with each song. One minute they glare and blind you, the next they are as subtle as a candle.

Noddy Holder stands stage centre leering at you making his usual comments. " I want you to give the girl next to you a good grope, COME ON...a real good grope, nice innit?!" He controls the crowd as if he were a puppeteer, they make all the moves he wants them to without question and they love it.

Dave Hill stands to Holder's left, with his newly shaved head glistening with sweat as he urges the kids to feel the noize.

"It's great to be back, you've been lovely, here's an oldie but goldie for ya. It's called 'Mama Weer All Crazee Now'. Another cue for crazy dancing and this time the audience are gathered around the foot of the stage, throbbing like a burnt wrist. Their bodies writhe and contort. Every guy has an imaginary guitar in his hand and he follows every move that Dave Hill makes. The sound is loud and clear, every note that leaves each instrument tears into you.

Above it all Holder shouts 'Crazee crazee crazee, we're all crazee now!" The noise stops, screams and whistles batter down on the group and they wave goodbye.