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Firstly, congratulations to the boys for getting into the top 20 with “Get Down and Get With It”.

Apologies for not sending you a newsletter in September. I was, however, asked by Slade and their Manager, Chas Chandler, to hold it for several reasons. Firstly, we were waiting for the enclosed stickers, secondly, we did not know the exact dates of the boys’ studio times and thirdly, the boys thought it would be nicer to send a separate Christmas issue in December, (normally you would have received a November/December issue).

The boys have been so busy over the past two months that they have been unable to write an article in this issue. However they all promise to write to you in the December issue, so I have asked their manager to write a couple of lines in their place. Here’s Chas for you:


Dear Members,

I should like to thank you all for supporting the boys’ records and going to so many of their engagements. I feel that I speak for Slade as well on this point.

I apologise for my part in delaying this newsletter. My reasons were twofold. Firstly the stickers which I wanted you to have as soon as possible, and secondly, the delay in releasing the new single, which was due, in fact, to the success of ‘Get Down And Get With It’. Slade were kept so busy they were unable to go to the studio to finish it off.

We have arranged for those members who can attend, a special free showing of Slade in the studio to record their next album. Not only will you get a free show - but you’ll have a unique chance to see how records are made.
Di will be giving you the complete details.

I really don’t know what more to say, except, Thank You.




The boys’ new single will be released on October 8th, on the Polydor label:



I personally Think this is the best record they have produced. I hope you think so too. Below is a review on the record by P. Valentine of Sounds Magazine, who obviously thinks it’s very good too.

“Own up time is nigh. I have always had rather a negative reaction to Slade and greeted their name with something akin to a groan. Which proves something, especially as I’m now forced to admit this is going to be an absolutely monster hit record. It opens with sneaky insidious vocals, almost at times rather like a few Beatles’ tracks, if my memory serves me right, which continues with a build up on production. The kind of record you’ll find yourself getting involved with without even thinking.”



As usual, singles never get played on Radio without the assistance of you, the public, so please do not forget to send your postcard requests in.


You will find enclosed approximately 10 Slade stickers which you may stick in/on your local disco, bedroom, handbag, if you are a girl. Well, anywhere, or, to coin a phrase, ‘just stick ‘em’.


Well it seems that the boys, as well as having their share of good luck have had to have a share of the bad. Firstly, the equipment van broke down (twice) and needs a lot of repairing. Secondly, the boys’ car (with them in it) was involved in an accident. They were taken to hospital for shock etc., but no permanent damage was done. Then, last week, Don had an accident in his car. Only the car was hurt, I’m glad to say. So, being in a group and having to travel the country is not all fun and games.


On October 19th, 20th and 21st, there will be a free showing of Slade while they record an album at the COMMAND STUDIOS, PICCADILLY, W1. All members of the fan club are invited along to any date, or all, if possible. To be admitted free, all you have to do is show your membership card. I will be going, and I hope to see lots of you there.


The boys are still looking for a house in the London area Unfortunately, the new album still hasn’t been finalised It seems the press do not like Slade very much because there are hardly any features on them. They never did have any taste


I have listed below the boys’ dates for October/November/ December. Please check these dates with your local press as they are sub]ect to change.

1st Technical College, Huddersfield
2nd Hull University
5th The Palais, Leicester
6th Clouds Club, Derby
7th Glen Ballroom, Llanelly, S.Wales
8th Chez Club, Leytonstone
9th Madley College
13th Top Rank Suite, Cardiff
14th Dampark Hall, Ayr
15th Beau Brummel Club, Greenock, Scotland
16th Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow
17th Kinema Ballroom, Dunfermline
22nd Cuffly Youth Centre, Herts.
26th Old Grannery, Bristol
27th The Cardinal, Bournemouth
28th The Palais Ballroom, Nottingham
30th Ashton University
31st Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Darwen, Lancs.
5th Christchurch College, Canterbury
6th Melody Rooms, Norwich
11th Memorial Hall, Barry, S.Wales
13th Roundhouse, Dagenham, Essex.
19th College of Education, Birmingham
20th Starlite Ballroom, Boston
24th Town Hall, Dewsbury
26th Trocadero Ballroom, Hamilton
3rd Ranmore House, Sheffield
4th Paget College, Warrington
10th Leeds Polytechnic
11th Watford Technical College, Watford
17th Slough College, Bucks

As yet there are no special plans for the Christmas period. The boys hope to have a couple of weeks holiday, either in November or December, as they have not had one this year.

Well, we have come to the end of this issue. If possible, please go and see Slade at Command Studios.We’ll see you all in December with our Christmas bonanza. Till then, look after yourselves.

love, DIANA




I won’t laugh at you,
When you boo-hoo-hoo
Coz I luv you,
I can turn my back
On the things you lack
Coz I luv you

I just like the things you do
Don’t you change the things you do

You get me in a spot
And smile the smile you got
And I luv you
You make me out a clown
Then you put me down
I still luv you

When you bite your lip
You’re gonna flip your flip
But I luv you
When we’re miles apart
You still reach my heart
How I luv you

Only time can tell
If we get on well
Coz I luv you
All that passed us by
You can only sigh hi hi
Coz I luv you



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