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It was a shame that Slade's latest single, 'The Banging Man' could only reach position No.3 in the charts, but it still obtained a silver disc for sales over 250,000 - that now makes eleven silver discs in a row.

This is because the Fan Club has grown so big our addressing machine could not cope with such an amount. We therefore employed outside help to make sure that all fans receive their Newsletters in time. You will also notice a number next to your address, this is your new membership number and any previous number you had should now be forgotten. If you change your address could you please enclose your address sticker, which is on the envelope this Newsletter arrived in, when writing to inform me.

I am sorry to say that the Post Office in our district has been having difficulties with staff shortages and therefore mail is being held up considerably, so I would appreciate it if you could bear with me until the situation improves.

Once again I can supply the sheet music for Slade's latest single 'The Banging Man' which also contains a colour photo on the front. It is sold in the shops at 25p. but to Fan Club members it is only 20p. which includes postage and packing. Just send 20p. postal order or cheque, made payable to the Slade Fan Club, and I will send it off to you as soon as possible.

There is still a limited number of the 'Slade's Crazy Nite' Spring Tour Programmes, these are available only to Fan Club Members, especially those who were unable to see Slade live and therefore did not purchase a programme. The cost is 35p. which also includes postage and packing. The magazine is in full colour throughout and only available from me at the Fan Club address. Please mark cheques or postal orders payable to the Slade Fan Club.


It's taken Slade a few visits to get good reaction in New York and at their Felt Forum venue, they seem to have done just that! They had their audience up and dancing throughout the set and even had a few of the young girls throwing their knickers at them! For 90 minutes or more some 7,000 fans danced and raved similar to that of a British audience.

Although the Forum was a great success, the audience still looked older than the hard core Slade fans of Britain. Slade played a fine, tight set and it looks like they have finally cracked it this side of the Atlantic. Maybe the next venue will be the big Madison Square Garden. Slade maybe a way of life in England but in America they are hot news and happening but still regarded as 'a bit mad' to quote just one guy who was standing side stage at the gig.



Dave has chosen four winners of the design a Guitar shape competition.

Dave Drane of Hempstead

Lynne Wilkinson of Sheffield

Anthony Witteker of Liverpool

Peter Webb of London

This months competition is to construct a story with as many Slade song titles contained within it. Nod has promised to judge the winners.


Slade are making a full length feature film called 'Flame' which could be premiered by Christmas. The film is a comedy which will show Noddy, Dave, Jim and Don battling against the seedy elements of the pop business. Filming is scheduled to start July 29th in london followed by two weeks in the Midlands, a further two weeks in london and a week in Spain. Polydor will release a sound track album to coincide with the film's release ....

While Slade were in the office the other day they decided to get their silver and gold discs together and have a photo session. This represents 5,000,000 singles sold in Great Britain and 1,200,000 albums." Slade may do one British concert at Wembley later in the year, but it depends on fitting the date into their filming schedule .... last moth seemed to be a month for buying cars, both Jim and Dave went out and bought Rolls Royces. The other day I reminded them that I had to wait for a bus before I got home but neither of them took the hint.


We have just got back from the States and things are getting better and better each time we go there. lately I have been getting very excited over the prospects of our film debut, which also means we have to go to Spain for one week and I hope we spend more time on the beach than in front of the cameras. At the moment we are in the studio putting down a few tracks which may be used for the sound track of the film.

I have just heard that Max Bygraves has recorded two of our songs for his albums. 'Find yourself a Rainbow' is the first to be released in September, followed by 'Merry Xmas Everybody' at Christmas time.

A few weeks ago we went to Belgium to collect an award for the 'Best World Group' and we also did a concert which went down very well with the audience and we had a lot of fun to!


'THE BANGING MAN' SOUNDS - "With 'Merry Xmas Everybody', 'Everyday' and now 'The Banging Man', yer Slade have enriched our drab, miserable lives with pop singles as good as any made during the past decade. Messrs Holder and Lea have crafted some memorable tunes and welded to them singable yet observant lyrics. Slade are getting very good at getting the details right these days. All the playing is excellent; strong direct drumming, forceful base and some lead guitar that would knock spots off some of our guitar heros, and Noddy is singing better than he has ever before."


TREMENDOUS NEWS have just arrived on my desk ... Fan Club Members are invited to the RAINBOW THEATRE, LONDON, to co-star in Slade's new film "FLAME".

Date: Monday September 4th 1974 Time: Doors open 1.00 p.m. Approximate finish 6.p.m.

ADMISSION ONLY BY TICKETS, obtained from me at the Fan Club address below. (Tickets will not be available at the venue). Each ticket admits two people, so bring a friend.

The film is about a group called 'FLAME', being played by Slade.and there will be lots of audience shots, so please do not come in your usual Slade costumes. Perhaps you can even design and wear a costume with the word 'FLAME' or a flame motif attached.

AS AN EXTRA TREAT the boys will perform for you some of their hit songs before filming starts. NOD will also explain the filming procedure so that you know what is happening.

The boys also hope that you will be on your best behaviour so as not to disrupt the filming.

PLEASE WRITE TO ME BY RETURN if you want to come along, as tickets are limited and distribution is by first come, first served basis!



The Slade full-colour T-Shirts are now being stocked by C & A but at a higher price than one obtained through the Fan Club, which is £ 1.10 including postage and packing and is available in three sizes - Small, Medium and Large.

I am nearly at the end of another Newsletter but before I go I would like to mention a letter I received from a fan. This is what she says 'I think that Slade deserve their own TV spectacular. The SBC have filmed Elton John, David Cassidy and the Osmonds so what about Slade? If you feel the same way as I do then put your signature on a piece of paper and send it to me at my address:- Mary Baker, 15 Bavant Road, Norbury, London, SW16 4SN:

1 hope you will all help Mary out (as well as the Boys), I have already sent my signature off to her.



1. Anytime you feel like you're down

Anytime you want a friend around

Cos I knew that soon we'd fall

Everyday has said it all

And I've landed with my two feet on the ground.


She can read it your eyes All the truths, all the lies

She did it to me, she did it to me She can read how you're made

In the light, in the shade She did it to me, she did it to me.


2. Anytime you feel a little pain

Anytime you want to talk again

Cos I knew that soon we'd dry

Everyday will tell you why

And for old times sake we'll meet up in the rain

3. (Break)

Cos I knew you hadn't planned

Everyday so understand

When you're tired of Sugar Dad will i be here

©Copyright 1974 by BARN PUBLISHING LTD.






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