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Video Of The Day - Far Far Away


LOOK OUT FOR NEW SINGLE - the long wait is over! Noddy, Don, Dave and Jim have been in the studios again and they have emerged with a completely fresh single, available in the shops on October 11th. It's called 'Far Far Away' and it is taken from their film track album which should be released at the end of November. The B-side is 'O.K. Yesterday was Yesterday', also from the same album.

Frank Lea (Jim's brother) has formed a new group called 'Thunderbox' and recently played on some dates with Wizard, so look out in your local press to make sure that you do not miss him. Frank has promised me a picture of his new group which I will try and print at a later date.

The postal delay in this district is getting even worse, therefore if your letters are taking a long time to be answered please hang on a little longer before you write in to complain. From what the Post Office has said it looks as if this situation will prevail for many months to come.

From the beginning of August I have been sending out a new type of biography to all new members of the Fan Club; if those of you who are already members would like to obtain this new folder they are available from me at a cost of 15p which includes postage and packing.


During the filming of Slade's new film 'Flame' they shot a live performance at the Rainbow Theatre in front of an invited audience from the Fan Club. At 3 o'clock they took their seats in the stalls. They looked great, lots of them had sewn sequins and foil to their T shirts and 'Flame' burns from a hundred vests. Banners and Noddy Hats, Streamers and even cardboard guitars sprayed with silver. Lots of reflecting colour, lights and crackling foil ribbons. They had really worked hard. 'Everybody's gonna be filmstars today' Nod hollers at the audience. Dave's had his hair cut. Jim looks very cool and together, Don looks well and happy and Nod is Nod. Today though, he's called Stoker, Dave is Barry Jim's called Paul and Don is Charlie.

'Flame' is a group picked up by a management and told what to do. I don't think it works like that now. The period is 1967 and that sort of thing went on then. 'Flame' entered from the bows of the stage wearing tremendous suits, yellow and red sort of jester outfits. Smoke seeps meaningfully around them. They sing 'Wishing you were here' from their new album.

The banners are waving, the sequins are flashing, the security men are sweating. 'A good one that' shouts Noddy, 'there's cameras all around ya focused on you lot, you're all stars today, so lets ERE YA NOIZE'.


Just a few words from the most handsome fellah in the world, only joking but I must be one of the top five (some people say so, anyway!). Last week Nod and I saw Charles Aznavour and enjoyed his performance immensely, he even made my heart flutter with his romantic songs. As we were staying in London for a week we also saw the theatre production of 'John, Paul, George, Ringo & Bert' which took you down memory lane listening to those old but unforgettable Beatie tunes.

Stardust was also on our agenda, the film was very sad and I now do believe that it has received an AA Certificate. I wonder what certificate the censors will give our film? Perhaps one day Dave Essex and ourselves could get together and make a film???

Just heard Max Bygraves new album which includes one of our songs' Find yourself a Rainbow', it is somewhat different from our version, but still very good.


This month's competition is for you the fan, to make up a crossword puzzle involving words connected with Slade. The winning crossword will be published in a forthcoming newsletter so that everyone else can try their hand at solving it. All entries to have clues and correct answers as well as the diagram. Please send your entries in an envelope marked with a big 'C'.

The response from last months competition was tremendous and I spent many an hour reading your fascinating stories. The winner was chosen by Nod during one of the few breaks in the filming of 'Flame'.

C. Sutton from Yorkshire who has already received her prize of Slade's latest single, made a lasting impression on Nod, who now keeps her entry in his wallet.


I have had a visit from the Police informing me that a man has been found in possesion of a substantial amount of Slade Fan Club Postal Orders. This may account for some members not receiving their renewal membership or orders. The theft occured on or about 21st July from the Post Office. If you have not received your order or membership and it was posted about the same date, then please send to me your name, address, order and postal order counterfoil number. We will then try to sort it all out.

Don has asked me to thank you all for the beautiful cards and presents you sent him for his birthday and also to mention that because of the limiting of numbers at the Rainbow Theatre not all Fan Club members were able to come but he says they will make it up to you on the next British Tour.

Well that's all for this month. See you all soon.




1. I've seen the yellow lights go down the Mississippi

I've seen the bridges of the world and they're for real I've had a red light off the wrist

Without me ever gettin' kissed It still seems so unreal


2. I've seen the morning in the mountains of Alaska

I've seen the sunset in the East and in the West I've sang the glory that was Rome

And passed the Hound Dog singer's home It still seems for the best



And I'm far far away

With my head up in the clouds And J'm far far away

With my feet down in the crowds Lettin' loose around the world But the call of home is loud

Still as loud


3. I've seen the Paris lights from high upon Montmartre

And felt the silence hanging lost in No Mans Land And all those Spanish nights were fine

It wasn't only from the wine It still seems all in hand


4. I've seen the yellow lights go down the Mississippi

The grand Bahama Island stories carry on

And all those arigato smiles Stay in your memory for a while There still seems more to come.

© Copyright 1974 by BARN PUBLISHING LTD.

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