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I hope you all had a happy Christmas and I take th is opportunity of wishing you a Happy New Year. That's not only from me but the boys as well.


'How Does It Feel', taken from the film, is Slade's latest single, released February 7th. The '8' side is 'So Far So Good' which in the film is Flame's first hit single. Once again, the single is wrapped in a colourful sleeve. I personally think that 'How Does It Feel' is the best song from the film, even better than 'Far Far Away'. The album Slade in Flame sales are tremendous, and have just surpassed the 200,000 mark in just over one month. By all accounts it looks as though it will be Slade's biggest selling album.

Still available are the Slade In Flame T. shirts in small, medium and large sizes at £1.20p including p & p and VAT. The Slade in Flame film viewers have gone exceedingly well and we are having to order another batch. These contain 20 colour frames of scenes taken from the movie. These are obtainable from me for for 50p plus 5p p & p. The Slade in Flame poster magazine is only available from newsagents. If you have difficulty in obtaining a copy please inform your newsagent that it is distributed by New English Library.

A lot of fans have received guitars for Christmas and have written in to me regarding tuition from Dave. I have had a word with him and he said he would try and get an article together regarding tuition and maybe even make it into a regular column.

The free surprise gift obtained when introducing two new members to the fan club is a retractable ball-point pen. If you haven't introduced two new members but would still like the ball-point pen, they are available from me at 8p plus 4p p & p. Now available from your music shop is the sheet music for the Slade In Flame album. I am afraid it is not available from me.



On Manchester's local radio station Slade talked to teenagers and later did a 'phone in' for two hours. Commented Noddy 'This is an ideal way to talk to the fans personally' ......... The results of the Record Mirror pop poll have just come in. Once again Slade were voted the top British group and stage act. Also 'Far Far Away' was voted No.1 single with the 'Banging Man' and' Everyday' figuring in the top ten .......... On the 16th January the boot of Slade's Rolls Royce was prised open and three suitcases were taken. Nod said later 'For the return of the cases and contents I'm prepared to pay a substantial reward' .......... After showing the film to press men in Newcastle, they all stood up and clapped ..........



The following is a breakdown of release dates for the film. Please check it with your local paper or the cinema.

January 19th - Tyne Tees

January 19th - Yorkshire

February 16th - London North & South

February 23rd - Southern

February 23rd - Westward

February 23rd - Anglia

March 16th - Lancashire

March 16th - Scotland

The London premiere is at the Metropole Victoria on the 13th February. Slade will be making promotional appearances in most of the areas. Running out of paper, must finish now. Hope you all go to see the film and enjoy it as much as I did.



Noddy thought that instead of writing to you personally he'd do an interview, but I think he had his tongue in cheek.

When was your first love and who was she?

My first love was myself, so it was not a she, it was a he, I hope. And it's been a lasting love affair. It's been going on for many years. It will definitely survive one. It was a filmstar. I think it was Judy out of Punch & Judy. I was always sorry for her because she was always getting beaten up. I never had a girlfriend at school 'cos I was a very shy boy. You see the thing was, I used to wear short trousers and the girls were put off by my knobbly knees. And I'm still shy and wary of girls. They don't seem to understand me.

Were you ever stood up?

Many times. Many, many times. I was very insulted too because I am so beautiful and handsome. I couldn't understand any girl standing me up.

Did you ever get booed off the stage in your early days?

Many times, especially in the working men's clubs. They'd be playing bingo and snooker and such things, wearing their cloth caps. We were always being accused of playing too loud. We once played a gig in Scunthorpe and were told to go home after the first number. That was after we'd chosen the quietest number first. They said they never wanted to see hide nor hair of us again.

Were Slade ever banned from any concert halls?

Yes, several times. We've been banned from all the halls in Liverpool because the kids were getting a bit wild and doing damage to the seats. That happens everywhere but for some reason Liverpool banned us. Brighton Dome banned us - and Scunthorpe Working Men's Club.

And what has been your worst experience in life - music­ ally or personally?

Not being recognised for my beautiful looks and talent sooner.

Has money made any difference to you?

Yes, I'm now more modest than I ever was before. I'm also more beautiful and talented than I was before.

Do you like seeing yourself on T. V.?

Of course, I'm beautiful and talented. I always like to see myself.

Are you fashion conscious?

Of course, can't you tell by the conservative way I dress. I'm a trendsetter.

And now for the last question ... what are the band's future ambitions?

The band's future ambitions are to go to America and be a success there, and if this film is a success, to make another movie (to be good as ... wait for it ... Slade In Flame, at your movies soon folks!).



'SOUNDS' - This film suffers less than most from the obvious imbalance of having musicians in the lead roles, surrounded by experienced actors. Slade play themselves at least as well as they usually do, and in Noddy Holder in particular, they have a natural scene stealer. Flame' is basically the same old story, told more accurately and wittingly. Unlike 'Stardust', it has strong music and stage image at the centre of it all, proving that Slade haven't lost their touch, and the music shines through.

Rob Mackie.

'DISC' - Before the film has been released, the album has already sold over 170,000 copies. The book is a different story again. To produce its paper, 550 trees were cut down which weighed in at just under 30 tons. A quater of a million copies have already been printed. It is the largest print that the book publishers, Panther, have done for the home market alone, in their entire history. I found the film interesting, purely to judge Slade's acting talents Noddy came out best He obviously found the whole thing a cinch, and was surprisingly natural. Don was good too. Jim was a runner- up, and gave a fair performance.A film that Slade fans can't miss, a film that will make very interesting viewing if you like to see a handful of the scenes that go behind the making of a pop star. Judge for yourself!

Lynne Thirkettle.




1. For twenty odd years I've taken everything that's bad

For twenty odd years I've wanted things I never had

Was it all in the mind

Is it living the life of a king Making the best out of everything


So far, so good

Doing what you could

Taking chances, those chances And 'I'm alive

2. For twenty years I've been working hard to have my say

And now that it's here the fantasy has worn away

Was it all in the mind

Is it living on Paradise Row Making the best out of having a go

3. Last Verse (Change)

For twenty years I've taken everything that's bad

I've taken everything I've had now

For twenty years I've wanted things I've never had

I've wanted everything I've never had now

Was it all in the mind

Is it living the life of a king Making the best out of everything

© Copyright 1975 by BARN PUBLISHING L TO


Slade In Flame premiere London new Victoria Theatre 1975


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