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slades Noddy Holder 1972 mirrored top hatThroughout the year members of the Facebook Slade In England group regularly take part in the monthly caption competition.

The competition takes the form of a rarely seen photograph from the band's illustrius career, often seen for the first time. the members then wrack their collective brains trying to outfunny each other by coming up with the funniest caption to accompany the image.

In the serious world of Slade, where other fans (not members of SIE it should be noted) spend their twilight years sitting at home making cardboard stove pipe hats, each amateurishly adorned with baco foil discs, choose their latest blow up plastic guitar from the Argos catalogue or litter the internet with their claptrap KOR behaviour, members at Slade In England keep their fists and thumbs firmly pocketed and their tongues expertly lodged in their cheeks.....









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