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Video Of The Day - Cum On Feel The Noize - SIE Version 1973

APRIL / MAY 1973


The biggest sensation since the Beatles did it in 1969. Slade went straight to number one-well wot can I say!!!

"Cum on feel the Noize" is also Slade's biggest sell ing single yet, reaching 1/2 million sales in only three weeks from release the single was selling so fast that at one point the Factory was completely out of stock for a few days. Talking about singles Nod tells me he has already put down a few notes for the next single and album.

I expect you've all remembered Dave's Birthday on the 4th April, even now there are a lot of cards arriving. Happy Birthday Dave.

Good news about the Slade Tour of Britain - it starts on the 31st May. Please see dates. This tour so far has 13 dates planned and may even have some other dates added. So Slade hope to see most of you throughout the country during their Tour.

During the last few months Slade have been collecting their many Awards for 1972 the biggest being the New Musical Express Awards at the Empire Pool Wembley, which was a tremendous sight to see and a good time was had by all, with the extra treat of seeing Lulu, Rod Stewart and Maggie Bell. There's one thing the boys would like to say - sorry to all those who could not see the Show because the tickets had sold out, and would like to warn all fans to get tickets for the British Tour early.


Councellor Jim Carpenter has written to the Wolverhampton Mayor, suggesting that the Town should honour it's most famous Pop Group with a civic reception .... The Boys have been kept busy last month collecting the many Awards they won for 1972, which they have reminded me, they could not have done without you .... On St. Patricks day Slade went over to Dublin to do two Concerts, but then disappeared for two days and will not say where they were. I have heard that they are trying to get everyday a St. Patricks day!!! .... Slade are at this time just finishing their European Tour from which they jet across the Atlantic for a few weeks in the USA. They then return home for a long awaited British Tour .... Dave has acquired an interest in clocks and has started to get quite a large collection.



There were two things Australia was desperately in need of, rain and fun in Pop Music. So the Boys packed their bags and were off, and both poured with abundance during their Australian tour.

In Sydney it rained and everything was a washout - but did that stop Slade from appearing? Not on your life! And the Audience soaked to the skin enjoyed every minute of it. That same wet Sydney weekend Melbourne was both thirsty for rain and entertainment but a week later the black clouds appeared over Melbourne, there was a crack of thunder and down poured the rain. Everyone was convinced that Slade's appearance would have to be called off. Over 25,000 Melbournites stood for six hours in pouring rain and waited for Slade. And when they appeared the crowd went berserk.

No Indian has ever seen a rain dance like this one.

Wherever Slade have appeared in Australia, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth - Hail Rain or Shine they have Slayed Australian audiences. It took a power strike in Canberra to stop a performance.

During their tour "Slayed" went straight to No.1.knocking "Slade Alive" down to No.2 which was at No.1 for a few months. In the single charts the Boys were doing just as well with three singles in the top 50 - "Gudbuy T' Jane", "Mama Weer all crazee now" and "Tak me bak 'ome"


Thanks for all those poems you sent in. The winners are:

Carol Blewett/Dave Johnson of Swansea.

Jacqueline Goldwin of Bromsgrove.

Mary Dennison of Kirkdale.

Janet Crompton of London.

This time the competition was suggested by Dave. All one has to do is guess the weight of each member of Slade to the near­est pound. The winners will be the fans who come closest to all of the boys.



It's nice to be back in this country after our long trip to the other side of the world being Australia and New Zealand. It was incredible we went there not knowing what it would be like, in much the same way as we arrived in America. And when we got there, we discovered that "Slade Alive" was the biggest selling Australian album since Sgt. Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band. And while we were there our record company released "Slayed" which was awarded a Gold Disc a week after release. It also replaced "Slade Alive" at the top of the album charts, where it had been for four or five months.

During one of our long plane flights we became bored so to overcome this frustration we just started chucking a few cakes about, and it ended up with the plane having to be delayed a bit until they'd cleaned it up again. But the Stewardesses and crew took it all in good faith.

During our stage act we had to do the old favourites because they are behind us on releases, but it was nice to do the old ones again. We had a few sound problems but we got across O.K.

I don't know that I can give that much of an impression about the Aussies - most of the people I met seemed to be British and not to have been out there for very long. I got to like the Australian Beer though which went down a treat in the 100 degrees heat.

See you all on the tour.


I have listed below the boys dates for the tour. Please check with your local press as these dates are subject to change.

Friday 1st June Edinburgh Empire
Saturday 2nd June Green Playhouse, Glasgow
Sunday 3rd June City Hall Newcastle
Wednesday 6th June Civic Hall Wolverhampton
Friday 8th June Brighton Dome
Saturday 9th June Town Hall Birmingham
Sunday 10th June Colston Hall Bristol
Monday 11th June Cardiff
Tuesday 12th June Guildhall, Southampton
Wednesday 13th June City Hall Sheffield
Thursday 14th June St George, Blackburn
Friday 15th June Victoria Hanley


So here we are again at the end of another Newsletter. Hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have and writing it. Also a big welcome to all those thousands who have joined the Fan Club this year. One last word from Slade "Thanks for buying the single".



So you think I got an evil mind,
Well I'll tell you honey, And I don't know why, I don't know why.

So you think my sings out of time, Well it makes me money,
And I don't know why, And I don't know why. Anymore oh no.


So cum on feel the noize Girls grab the boys
We get wild, wild, wild We get wild, wild, wild So cum on feel the noize Girls grab the boys
We get wild, wild, wild, At your door.
So you say I got a funny face, I ain't got no worries

And I don't know why, I don't know why,
Say I'm a scruff bag and its no disgrace,
I ain't in no hurry And I don't know why etc.


So you think we have a lazy time,
Well you should know better
And I don't know why, I just don't know why.
And you say I got a dirty mind,
Well I'm a mean go getter
And I don't know why, I don't know why anymore.

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