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JUNE / JULY 1973


A new single has been scheduled for release by Polydor on June 22nd. It was recorded while the Boys were in America and tentatively titled "You know how to squeeze me." In this same week of release they will be in the studio to begin work on a new album, possibly at London's Olympic Studios, with a possible release in August.

A few members have sent in Postal Orders for tickets of a Slade Concert, I am very sorry I cannot help them. All enquiries must be with the Box Office for the concert in question. If those of you in London are worried because there is no London gig during the tour do not despair as the boy's are set to appear at Earls Court on Sunday July 1st. The performance will be recorded for possible Live Tracks on their album.

Slade will also do two concerts on the Isle of Man to be held on July 8th and 29th. The Shows will be at the Palace Lido in Douglas.

If you ordered an Iron-on Transfer with your T. shirt and Badge but did not receive it with your order do not worry; the Iron-on Transfers are sent separately from the factory in Devon and may take a little time to come through the post.

This month we have two Birthdays to celebrate. First it's Jims on June 14th followed the next day by Nod's on the 15th. Happy Birthday Boys. Your cards are already arriving.

Recently I have received a lot of letters asking for the time of birth of each of the boys, so here they are for you all:

Dave - 00.05 Hr. Jim - 02.00 Don - 01.34 and Nod - 08.00 Hrs.


Answers to the last Newsletter competition can be found in Daves letter from America. As so many of you entered the competition, we thought it only fair to choose four winners - each one nearest to the weight of one of the Boys.

Jillian Pace of Warley, Worcs.

Charlotte Edwards of Knebworth, Herts.

Caroline Montague of Sutton, Surrey.

Christine Bissett of Leeds, Yorkshire.


The backing group for the Slade Tour is the Alex Harvey Band........Slade are planning to go back to Australia for another tour with maybe a few concerts in Japan ................... New Slade single scheduled for June 22nd......................Tickets will be on sale for the Earls Court Show ................................ Special Boats are being run from Liverpool Fleetwood, Belfast and Dublin for the concerts on the Isle of Man, also British Rail's Football Special train will be running from London ............ Daves designed a new suit incorporating the words "Super Yob"; also brand new guitar in a pretty wild shape ...



"SLADE? They're going to storm this country and totally wipe everybody out," said Rolling Stones' promoter Pete Rudge the other night in New York. "God, are they going to be big stars here."

It's one week into the lads' tour and one would certainly have to agree with that statement.

The last time Slade were at the Academy they made a very inauspicious appearance opening the show for Peter Frampton's Camel and the J. Geil's Band. This time it's nothing but head­lines all the way.

From the moment the fabulous four went into an ear-shattering version of "Hear me calling" - through "Get down and get with it," "Gudbuy T' Jane," "Darlin' Be Home Soon," "Sweet Little Rock-n-Roller." in the final encore of "Mama Weer All Crazee Now." the audience was on their feet stomping, clapping and singing along - unheard of in this audience. It was a celebration of Rock-n-Roll. Slade are going to be the next Big Band here,"


Slade, headlining the Friday show at the Academy of Music on 14th Street, is obviously a group on the way up. Slade specializes in short explosive lyrics, simple and direct that bring strong audience response through riff and repetitions in reality, this is good old-fashioned rock-n-roll, presented with flash and confidence as the quartet choreographed itself on stage rather than jumping and writhing around. This is yet another example of a rock group moving back to simplicity in music.


I have listed the revised dates for the British Tour, with the extra dates for July. Please check with your local press as these dates are subject to change.

THURS 31st May Greens Playhouse, Glasgow
FRI 1st June Empire Theatre. Edinburgh
SAT 2nd" City Hall, Newcastle
SUN 3rd " Civic Hall, Wolverhampton
TUES 5th" Civic Hall, Wolverhampton
WED 6th" Brighton Dome
FRI 8th" Town Hall, Birmingham
SAT 9th" Colston Hall, Bristol
SUN 10th" Top Rank, Cardiff
MON 11th" Guildhall, Southampton
TUES 12th" City Hall, Sheffield
WED 13th" King George Hall, Blackburn
THURS 14th" Victoria Hall, Hanley
FRI 15th" Leeds University
SUN 1st July Earls Court, London
SUN 8th " Palace Lido, Douglas, I.O.M
SUN 29th" Palace Lido, Douglas, I.O.M

Here's a good joke sent in by a young fan. "What did Tarzan say when he went over the cliff?" "Gudbuy T' Jane, Gudbuy T' Jane" - thank you Lucette Smedley.

That's about all I've got room for. See you all soon, maybe during the tour or at Earls Court.



Dear Di,

I thought I'd better write to you before you phoned up demanding something for the Newsletter ....

Hi Fans, it's the one and only Dave Hill speaking to you from deep in the jungle of big cars, concrete and skyscrapers. The weather at present is very warm and pleasant with just a hint of a breeze. Because of the vastness of this country you can jump on a plane and two hours later arrive in a place at the end of the weather spectrum, still back to the tour.

So far it has been marvellous, the reception has been ecstatic. The audiences' here now know what to expect, and they are up on their feet and clapping even before we are on stage.

During our tour we have played at sell-out concerts and the reviews have been very good too. I think we are just about cracking open the states but we won't know for sure until a month or so, when the single starts to show in the charts. As far as I can remember the album "Slayed" is about No.50 in the LP Section.

Now back to the home front. I've just bought a horse I have not even seen yet. It was delivered to the stables while we have been on tour over here. It is a three quarter Bred Arab, 15 hands high and coloured bay. Up until now it has won 23 jumping competitions, so I'll give Princess Anne a run for her money.

Before I forget, the results for the competition. We weighed ourselves the other day, and I wrote it down somewhere:-

10 stones 7 Ibs
9 stones 3 Ibs
10 stones 2 Ibs
9 stones 1 Ib
129 Ibs



Everybody's tellin' me what we do wrong.
Everybody tells me where my hat belongs,
We know what we're chasin'
Know which way we're facin'
Everybody tellin me to hold my tongue
Well I'm mee, ('m now an' that's orl)


Everybody's tellin' me that we're insane.
Anything goes wrong we always get the blame,
We know what we're thinkin'
When the ladies winkin'
Sure must count for something if they know your name.
Well I'm mee, I'm now an' that's orl



We gotta hold tight yeh,
And can't you see they're lettin we through. We gotta hold tight yeh,
And can't you see they're lettin we through, We gotta hold tight yeh,
And can't you see they're lettin we through. They're lettin we through
They're lettin we through.

We say just what we want because we might be right They know it didn't happen to us overnight.
We know what we're chasin,Know which way we're facin.
All I needs a halo and dress in white And I m mee, I'm now an' that's or!.


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