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First of all, Merry Christmas ... and if you hadn't heard Slade have put it to music MERRY XMAS EVERYBODY is to be released on December 7th. The catch line chorus was written by Nod and Jim two years ago but they didn't get round to finishing the song until recently. The 'B' side is titled DON'T BLAME ME. Please find enclosed a sticker for you to stick just anywhere.

It's a shame that MY FRIEND STAN only got to No.2 in the pop charts, but nevertheless it has sold as many as SKWEEZE ME PLEEZE ME, and earned itself a silver disc. The "Sladest" album released one week earlier went straight to No.1 knocking off the Rolling Stones. In the first week it earned a silver disc and then two weeks later it was awarded a Gold Disc even now the sales are increasing (must be Christmas) and will surpass 200,00 sales soon.

Three new Slade books at your News Agents this month. Two are the same except one prints the words and music to such hits as CUM ON FEEL THE NOIZE, MAMA WEER ALL CRAZEE NOW and TAKE ME BAK 'OME, plus a write·up and dozens of photographs. The other include all this but not the music. The third publication is called SUPERSLADE and has a good report on what Slade have done over the last year, also filled with lots of photographs many of them in colour.

While we are talking about sheet music, I can supply the words and music for MERRY XMAS EVERYBODY. Again it is 15p for Fan Club members only. Just send a 15p Postal Order or cheque to me and I'll send it off to you as soon as possible. This is now becoming a popular item, so can you pleeze wait a bit longer than the usual two weeks.

The response to the Slade Cube Radios was tremendous, so great was the demand we have had to re-order more stock but we have found that these Radios are hard to obtain, so that once this stock has gone I am afraid I will have to close this offer. But at present I have only 150 left, I will therefore have to limit it to first come first served. I am very sorry for this but I think it's the one fair way.


Just before Slade toured America, they had just changed Record Companies from Polydor Inc to Warner Bros., and to celebrate this fact Warner Bros. released the LP SLADEST. During the tour the album has steadily risen up the charts, so the change seems to have worked.

All through the tour the boys drew very healthy audiences, even without the benefit of a hit record. Even the boys admit that they are neither huge nor tiny, but on the way up.

The shows themselves are, with the exception of the Football chant section, identical to their British gigs. The one difference to this tour from the others was that the audience knew what to expect. In nearly every city Slade played the crowd was up and standing on their seats, clapping and singing along with Nod right from the very first note.

Taking America as a whole Slade did very well, even though they have not yet been accepted on the west coast, on the east they are everybodies hero's.


The boys, at the time of writing are on a sell-out tour of Europe, return early this month to record a new album, for whichall the songs are already written. The LP is unlikely to be released until at least the early summer next year as the Band have one completed and awaiting release (see report).

I am afraid the Group will not be seen on stage in Britain until April next year. Before then they go to America in January because of the tremendous demand for their return. This is followed with their first ever tour of Japan and concerts in Australia over February and March .... Just released in America SKWEEZE ME PLEEZE ME. Will this be Slade's big break in the States?



Just scribbling a few notes on a piece of hotel paper addressed to all you lovely fans who support us so conscientiously...(that's a big word for me I even had to ask Nod how to spell it). We're still half way through our European tour which we thought would never begin but Nod's back to health now even looks healthier than the rest of us - there's only me to go now, what with Dave, Don and Nod having bad luck.

We had a very successful tour of America and we made lots of new friends, they have asked us back to do more gigs but I don't know when that will be.

Don's just poked me in the ribs to remind me to thank everybody for his tremendous Birthday cards and presents especially those who knitted him a jumper, those that sent him a personal mug and the packets of Albran not forgetting the chewing gum(some people get all the best presents!)

Just heard that we'll be doing the Christmas edition of Top of the Pops so that's something to put in your diaries. As far as I know we are all going home for Christmas to our Mum and Dads - what would you do without them!

Must go now Swin's just come to pick us up to take us to tonight's gig.

Happy Christmas to you all!

Luv Jim.



The response to the last competition was overwhelming and has filled two large boxes but because of the re-scheduled European Tour Dave has not been able to choose a winner so I am saving them for his return.

This month's competition has been brought about by some ardent fans in Greenwich who have complained that the proposed costume competition planned for Earls Court did not take place. They have suggested that fans send in photographs of themselves dressed up in concert gear. I think this is a great idea, so send in your photos in an envelope marked with a large 'C' in the left hand corner. If you want your photo returned please enclose a stamped addressed envelope or your photograph will not be returned to you because of the large quantity of work envolved.


Noddy is now back to health after his recent scare when at the airport awaiting their flight to take them to the beginning of the European Tour, Nod was suddenly taken ill and rushed to Hospital on a stretcher. Apparently he had a virus complaint which has since responded to heat treatment and was able to join the others for their re·arranged tour. A total of three days was spent in a hospital bed in East Birmingham. During that time scenes of Slade mania was seen within the hospital and telephone lines were clogged with calls from fans. Quote of the day "He looks just an ordinary bloke to me" said one nurse.



OLD, NEW, BORROWED AND BLUE (Polydor 2383 261) This album will be released in the first week of February. All the songs are written by Jim Nod, except JUST WANT A LITTLE BIT, which some of you might remember Slade doing on stage. The album rock and rolls through the entire spectrum of rock, from the frenzy of WE'RE REALLY GONNA RAISE THE ROOF to a lullaby in ragtime titled FIND YOURSELF A RAINBOW which features on Piano their good friend Tommy Burton. A few other artists have heard some tracks and are very interested in recording them themselves.

It seems that I have come to the end of another Newsletter, it's been another good year and I hope you all have a Happy Christmas or should I say MERRY XMAS EVERYBODY.



Are you hanging up a stocking on the wall,

Its the time that every santa has a ball

Does he ride a red nosed reindeer, Does a ton-up on his sleigh,

Do the faires keep him sober for a day


So here it is Merry Xmas, Everybody's having fun.' Look to the future now, It's only just begun.

Are you waiting for the family to arrive

Are you sure you got the room to spare inside

Does your granny always tell ya,

That the old songs are the best,

Then she's up and rock and rollin' with the rest


What will your daddy do when he sees Your mama kissin Santa Claus

Ah ha ...

Are you hanging up a stocking on your wall. Are you hoping that the snow will start to fall

Do you ride on down the hillside, In a buggy you have made

When you land upon your head. Then you bin slayed.


© Copyright 1973 by BARN PUBLISHING LTD

slade merry xmas everybody





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