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March saw the competition revisit some of the old unpublished photographs from the bands tour of the then East Germany in 1978 where Dave Hill in particular embraced all things Teutonic.


slade Don Powell Earls Court 1973

....and as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared..

Once again, and following up on his success from the previous month Master Farrington from Merseyside, scooped up the top prize of a complete discography of Slade 2, which remains unclaimed to this day in our London offices.


April's competition allowed us to delve into the archives and raid the folder marked 'Japan 74' where the band appeared on Japanese TV where they met many famous local celebrities, including, as shown here, Yasutaro Mitsui.

Dave Hill had designed his own sarcophagus and was greeted with euphoria by the other band members and esteemed funeral director to the stars, Mr Hoo Givsafuk.

Yes, you've guessed it, stepping up for his hat trick young Master Peter from Merseyside stroked home the winner with his funereal humour. Despite three telegrams being sent to the address given, the signed by Mal McNulty prize copy of 'Run Rudolph Run' gathers dust unclaimed at our Manchester prize distribution centre.



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