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In May we decided to broaden our horizens to make it harder for P Farrington of Merseyside to win the competition, so we dug out this old publicity photograph from 1974 featuring Jim Lea's brother Frank in his first showbiz venture following on from his stints as Slade bongomeister on the famed Isle Of Man gigs in Douglas after proper drummer Donald Georgie Powell was seriously injured in a car accident. Luckily for Slade Frank stepped in at the last minute, and luckily for the steam packet Ferry company, Frank was on hand to fix the toilets on the way home.


slade Don Powell Earls Court 1973


Just as we planned, a new winner came steaming into the picture to knock Merseyside's Peter Farrington off of his perch. Denzil O'Donnel, a former tin miner from Barnsley not only produced the winningest caption, but actually sent in his own image complete with cartoon bubbles. Unlike Peter, Denzil was straight down to our offices to collect his signed pair of Dave Hill underpants.

The winning entry


Flaming june came and went. and with it came our first little piece of photo manipulation. Slade have always been linked with US rock superstars Kiss. Personally I never saw it myself, and I never tire of my own personal Kiss anecdote, so here it is...... I first saw Kiss without the makeup....I couldn't see the point...a year or so later they toured again, this time wearing the make up...i saw them and thought there was even less point.

Regardless, in June we published this photo from a 1974 backstage jape featuring the Slade lads aping those US funsters Kiss.

I Fucking Hate Kiss

Clearly stung from having his winning streak broken by a Yorkshireman in the previous competition, P Farrington from Merseyside destroyed all other entries by using that old business adage and acronym KISS...keep it simple stupid...see what he did there!

Pure competition gold and a worthy winner of the Dave Hill blow up head, which still awaits collection at his local post office.



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