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Once the summer had set in we decided to return to Slade's early 70's days, here for July, we rifled the folder marked 'H reveals...rejects' to test our readers.

Once Kendo Nagasaki removed his mask his career ended overnight

The first of the summer competitions saw a new name engraved on the trophy, a K Hollinshead sent in the winning entry, unfortunately Mr or Miss Hollinshead has not included a return address or even let us know if they are a girl or a boy! I'm sure we'll soon hear back from 'K' as I'm sure that he or she can't wait to get their hands on our fabulous prize, which this time around featured an all expenses spared trip to Minehead to see Slade 2 in concert.


August saw us try to be a little sneaky and throw a crippler in. All Slade fans know that their perennial hit 'Merry Xmas Everybody' was actually recorded in the middle of August during a heatwave at the Record Plant in New York, so we took for our inspiration a rarely seen picture of former guitarist Dave 'Aitchy' Hill being attended to by his personal dressers before a trip to the supermarket.


when Dave said 'yes, I'd love to be in the Merry Xmas video' he didn't realise he'd have a Christmas tree shoved up his arse. at Slade In England central offices in the heart of Steeple Bumstead we were staggered by the response to our psuedo Xmas competition. Despite not picking up his or her prize for last month, K Hollinshead once again blitzed the opposition with his cryptic take on Slade's Xmas hit, well done K (Please forward us an address so we can send you your prize from last month).

K wins this months offering hands down, and takes home a collection of Slade 2 mugs.



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