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APRIL / MAY 1972


Does the 4th April ring any bells? IT’S DAVE’S BIRTHDAY, and we all wish him the very best. Only the other day I went around to see him so that I could wish him a happy birthday from all of us. He told me to thank you all for we’ve given, not only to him, but to all others as well.

It has been brought to my notice by some very observant fans that Jimmy’s name has been spelt differently, mainly by the musical papers, but even worse, on the record ‘Coz I Luv You’. The correct spelling is LEA and not Lee.


If you’re one of the few people who has not already sent off for your Slade tee shirt, you can still get one by filling in the form enclosed, making sure that you put the letters ‘TS’ on the front of the envelope. Those of you who have written in before to reserve your tee shirt, please put a tick in the proper place on the order form, for yours are ready and waiting to be sent off.


I expect you’ve found your stickers which are enclosed. They are for you to stick just anywhere you want~ in fact anywhere and everywhere. To coin a phrase , JUST STICK ‘EM.



“Look Wot You Dun” has sparked off protests amongst the teaching profession. They are complaining about the mis­spelling of titles . . . . The boys are now ready for their first Nationwide concert tour in May . . . . They plan to visit at least 10 major halts throughout the country . . . . The boys were given police protection after being trapped by wild fans at the Public Hall, Preston, where they’d been performing 9,000 people went to the Empire Pool, Wembley to see S!ade do a free concert.



What an album! it’s unbelievable It’s the best I’ve heard for a very long time. All the favourites are there:- ‘Hear Me Calling’, ‘In Like a Shot From My Gun’, ‘Darling Be Home Soon’, ‘Know Who You Are’, ‘Keep On Rocking’, ‘Get Down And Get With it’ and ‘Born to be Wild’.

The album itself is coarse, rare and gritty, just how we like to find them. This is a cert. for the top of the charts. As quoted on the cover: “Listen to this album and I guarantee that (a) You won’t be able to stop your feet tapping, and (N You’ll be at the head of the queue for the tickets to the next Slade concert in your area”.






I hope Di can decipher my writing. This has been written on a scrap of paper in the back of our truck whilst travelling on the Ml. Well, here goes, anyway.

I hear from Di that the membership has more than doubled over the last 2 months, which is terrific. It seems to make everything worthwhile, but I pity Di with all that extra work. I’ll have to see about getting her a rise. Thanks, Di, for all the support and hard work.

It’s a sad sight seeing ‘Look Wot You Dun’ going slowly down the charts, but it was a great feeling when it shot straight up to the top. Thanks to all you great fans for helping it on its way. For promotion we did a lot of TV, including a film for “Top of the Pops”. This was taken at Chessington Zoo, and half way through the film Don was seen to have a fish in his mouth. This, I assure all the fans who wrote in, was a dead fish, ready to be fed to the seals, but the keeper, being a bit short-sighted, mistook Don for one. POOR DON!

Well, that’s all for this time, Jim will be writing to you next.




Have you noticed Slade’s shoes, while you’ve watched them on stage? Last month they all went shoe shopping to Todd’s in London’s Kensington Market. Dave and Noddy bought similar double platforms with 4” heels, Don and Jimmy went for Todd’s multi-coloured patchwork boots with high-rise heels and platforms.

It seems they have started a fashion, for now Bata shoeshop chain are selling men’s shoes styled in a similar trend to Slade’s footwear.



I have listed below the boys’ dates for April, May and June. Please check with your local press as these dates are subject to change.

1st Scene 2 club, Scarborough
2nd Coventry Theatre, Coventry
3rd Chelsea Village, Bournemouth
10/20th HOLIDAY
21st Corn Exchange, Bury St. Edmund
22nd North East Polytechnic
27th April to May 1st. HOLLAND
4th Maccarno, Coventry
5th Bristol University
6th Bracknall Sports Centre
9/21st Slade Tour (No details).
26th Hereford
27th Leicester Football Club
2nd Winter Gardens, Blackpool
3rd Dreamland, Margate
9th Exeter University
24th California Ballroom, Dunstable
10th Rock Street Centre, Wellingborough
17th Viking Club, Sea-House
20th Merton College, Oxford


Terrific News! I have been able to knock down the price of the tee shirts to 70p each.
I feel quite excited over this newsletter. I hope the pictures turn out alright. Can’t say any more, run out of printing room.




See him all alone,
No one seems to like him, he’s uncool,
No one seems to like the way he rules,
See them all alone,
Talking of the secrets of the moon,
Spending hard-earned money they’ll just lose.


What we really want is some way to adjust,
All the values that we have been left to trust,
I just can’t believe they’re real, very real,
Far from real

See them on their own,
See their cartoon faces in the news,
Storming from the house in ones and twos,
Can you hear them cry,
Making accusations to each other,
Campaigning for the mark of a young mother.


What we really want is some way to adjust,
All the values that we have been left to trust,
I just can’t believe they’re real, very real,
Far from real,
See them all alone,
See them all alone.

© Copyright 1972 by BARN PUBLISHING LTD

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