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It’s Slade time again.First things first - the boys have done it again, No. 1 in both singles and L.P. charts, only last month SLADE ALIVE looked like it was on the way down, after reaching a highest position of 8., but then it shot up again -so there must be a lot of new SLADE fans. If you’ve just joined the fan club, welcome, and join in the fun.

Slade are featured on a new record (Arcade Record Label) entitled “20 Fantastic Hits By The Original Artists”, it also includes Rod Stewart, The Mixtures, Melanie, New Seekers, Donny Osmond and the Chelsea Football Team - and only sells at £ 1.99

Jim and Nod thank you all for those thousands of birthday cards, and they send their luv.

Now for the secret of Dave’s silver glitter . . The first step is to buy a tube of silver glitter~ but be warned it will cost you 4p, so check your finances. To get the effect on your hair you will also need to invest in some hairspray; First spray your hair and immediately sprinkle some glitter over it, you need to act fast so the hairspray will still be sticky - then just leave it for a minute or two until the spray is really dry, and brush through your hair lightly to spread the glitter more evenly.

some new members did not receive their SLADE ALIVE stickers, mentioned in the April/May issue, I’m sorry but I had gone through the complete stock by the end of May. So to make it up to you I have enclosed a Slade post card, for you to keep or send to a friend.


Noddy could not choose one winner, so he picked these winners:-
Maureen Searle, Simon Steele, Linda Gaskell & Dorothy Scott.

Here are some of the jokes that Nod laughed at most:

What Do You Call A Chain Smoker?
A Constant Drag.

Why Do Cows Wear Cowbells?
Because Their Horns Don’t Work.

A Bus Conductor Fears No One — He Tells Everyone Where To Get Off.

What Do You Do When Your Nose Goes On Strike?
Pick It.

What Do You Get When You Cross Perfume With A Lunatic?

The next competition is to write a few lines on your memories of SLADE, the winner will have his/hers printed in the pages of the news-letter, plus a terrific SLADE identity bracelet.



Di has just asked me to put a few words together for the news­letter, I tried to get out of it, but it’s been a long time since I last wrote to you, so here goes.

Well it’s been the most hectic two months we’ve ever had, in and out of studios, masses of interviews and we unofficially carried on the tour into June and July. One gig we really en­joyed, the Lincoln Festival, we played on the Sunday, when the weather was a little better than the first two days, we thought that we would have trouble getting through to the crowd, as this was not ‘our’ audience, but we won them over to our side, after a few minutes. I don’t think I saw one person sitting down and after every number we were greeted with roars of approval. We even brought on Stanley Baker (The Organised to meet the audience and the audience cheered their thanks.)

Just heard we are doing the Rainbow Theatre at Finsbury park on the 29th July. I hope this newsletter gets to you London Fans there - it’s been a long time since we’ve played London, so we hope to make it up to you.

The fan club is now growing at a enormous rate, I sat down with Di today, to help her open mail, which we do from time to time I did about a hundred and gave up, but the pile didn’t even look smaller. Di says she's got it all off to a fine art and does about three hundred an hour, which is not bad going. She even tears off the stamps and gives them to charities. Well done Di . Must go now before she gets me opening more.



“Take me bak ‘ome”. Slade hit back with a strong rocker written by Jimmy Lea and Noddy Holder. This is a bright change after their last two which lacked the power and punch the band proudly sports. Noddy’s vocals are remarkably good in the traditional shouting approach which sounds like he’s using his whole body to sing”.

“Take me bak ‘ome.” This is closer in spirit to “Get down & get with it” than to the records in between. It’s a roll­ing driving, medium-boogie opening with cries, tambourine deep sonorous guitar and throbbing bass. There can be no doubt that it’ll be another very successful record and it’s good to see that Slade are reaching new audience all the time as folk weary of cleverness in music and move back to a bit of rough stuff. The ‘B’ side is oddly Beatles-y- their “Rubber Soul” period. Another goodie.


Great news for London fans; Slade will make their first appearance at the Rainbow Theatre on Saturday July 29th This is because of their success at the Lincoln Pop Festival and the large amount of mail received from London fans asking for a local date.



Number one man is “Swin” real name Graham Swinnerton otherwise known as ‘Mr.lmmaculate’ to the boys for his sartorial elegance. Next there’s ‘Charlie’ alias Ian Newham, who is their sound mixer and is very good at driving down main roads in the wrong direction. “ROB” who is unknown by another name is their roadie sometimes described as “A Thundering Scottish Drunk”, who is usually referred to as “Paddy.” And finally their mystery ‘roadie’ is “Morris” otherwise known as Martin Norris who refuses to speak to anyone, but is easily distinguishable by his tanned elbow and tendency to do impressions of air brakes.

“An indispensable team,” says Nod.



Lots of fans have written in asking where they can obtain old singles by Slade. I’m afraid I cannot help, but I have a suggestion that might be worth while. In one musical paper Disc~ readers can put in a free advertisement for buying or selling records. You never know there may be someone who wants to sell their old Slade records.

I still receive letters from fans about Jim’s name so for those who missed it before . . . . The correct spelling is LEA, and not Lee.

T.Rex Bassist~ Steve Currie is an admirer of JIMMY LEA.



“I like that” says major Jim Pryde of “Amazing Grace” fame, as he listened to ‘Look Wot You Dun.’ “Think you can do a pipe arrangement for that” asks Noddy, “Something for the next album?’
“It’s a nice tune,” said the major, “I’ve got something up my sleeve, that might just raise a few eyebrows.”
“Is it Je T’aime on the the bagpipes?” ventured Noddy with a large grin.
“It’s a very temperamental instrument,” exclaimed the major. “Worse than a woman’.”



11 Blackpool, Maccarno
12 Felixstowe, Pavilion
25/28. Great Western Festival
2. Belfrey, Sutton Coldfield
7. Sunningdale
9 Weston-Super-Mare
23. Grangemouth, Scotland

I have listed the boys dates above for August and September. please check with your local press as these dates are subject to change.


Dave has a silver Jensen with registration number ‘Yob 1!....... At Bury St. Edmunds a girl climbed onto the roof of Slade’s car. Fortunately they were able to stop and dislodge her without injury . . . Chas Chandler is going to America to arrange a world wide tour, which will include Australia, Japan, New Zealand & U.S.A ....... Slade will soon appear on T.V.’s “IN CONCERT” ....... New Single & Album scheduled for release in October & November.

It seems we’ve come to the end of another newsletter. I’ve tried to get it out to everyone before the 29th, so that you all know about the Rainbow, as Don says “It would be a great shame if fans did not come to the concert because they never knew about it”.





Here I am In the same old Clothes,
Lookin’ back on my life,
Cos I’m left alone,
Left out here without a home.

Take no chance
read between the lines,
Don’t accept her way,
When she always cries,
Just read between the lines


I tried to love you now I’m here
Takin’ things as I find them,
Now I’m here, wastin’ time,
Thinkin’ of me,
Lookin’ back on my life,
Wonderin’ why.

It’s hard to see and to understand,
Just-a what its like,
To be pushed around,
Kickin’ stone along the ground.

I don’t think it will ever change,
Can I find a way,
To the front again,
And have another chance to spend,
My life with you and now I’m here.


© Copyright 1972 by BARN PUBLISHING LTD



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