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Video Of The Day - Gudbuy T' Jane SIE Composite 1972




They've done it again No.2 with Gudbuy T' Jane which was released on 17th November, so if you haven't bought your copy yet there's still time. The boys have also issued an album called 'Slayed' which should be out this week. Further on in the Newsletter I have described in detail this album which is a knockout.

Well here we are again the last Newsletter of the year. It's been Slade's best year yet and it already seems that next year will even be better. Planned for next year is a tour of Australia and New Zealand then off to Japan and on the way home they may do a tour of America followed by a well deserved holiday. After their sundrenched holiday they will be back to do a European tour and a massive British tour.

I can now supply for those who would like to have them, sheet music and words for Gudbuy T' Jane and for Fan Club Members there is a reduction of 5p on the shop price which includes postage and packaging. Just send a 15p Postal Order to me and I'll send it off to you as soon as possible.

Before I go any further, the Boys have reminded me to wish you all a Happy Christmas.

I am terribly sorry for the lateness of the last Newsletter this was because we had just installed an address-a-graph which took sometime getting all your names processed th rough it, sorry once again.

The Overseas Section is growing fast now that Slade are becoming an International Group. But Membership is 70p, so as to cover the extra cost of postage.

During the British Tour a lot of seats have been broken at Concerts. I know that while Slade are on stage one gets very excited but all the damage that occurs has to be paid for by Slade

I have been asked by many fans for tickets for concerts. I am afraid I cannot help, tickets are only sold through concert hall box offices even I get difficulty in getting tickets.

Slade have now got four silver discs for 250,000 sales, they are for 'Cos I Luv you; 'Look wot you dun', 'Take me bak 'ome', and 'Mama weer all crazee now'.


Here is the winner of the last Newsletter competition:-

"Last time I saw Slade .. was on October 28th at Wembley at the Charity Concert. Before Slade came on a few of us tried to support the other groups who were on by getting off of our seats and clapping, but as soon as we did some Officer came over to us and told us to sit down. But when Slade came on they couldn't stop anyone because straight away everyone was up off their behinds stomping, clapping and singing their hearts out.

I quite enjoyed the gig but my friends and myself agreed that we prefer the boys when they do a smaller gig such as the Marquee (London) because then we usually get to chat to them. Keep on rocking."


For this month it's question time. Below you will find some questions about Slade. All you have to do is answer them plus a few sentences on why you think Slade have at last reached the top. Please remember to mark the envelope with a large 'C' when sending in your entries.

  1. Which one of Slade did not come originally from Wolverhampton.
  2. At which studio was the album 'Slade Alive' recorded.
  3. At which London club did Chas Chandler first see Slade.
  4. Under what name were they then called.
  5. How many No 1 records have Slade had?


POLYDOR 2383 163
SUPER! WOW! Just wait till you hear this, it's a knockout.
SIDE 1: How D'You Ride
  The Whole World's Going Crazee
  Look At Last Nite
  I Won't Let It 'Appen Agen
  Move Over
SIDE 2: Gudbuy T'Jane
  Gudbuy Gudbuy
  Mama Weer All Crazee Now
  I Don't Mind
  Let The Good Time Roll


The Boys sound even better here than you can ever believe. The reproduction on all ten tracks takes you back to the last concert you've been to, even though it was all recorded in the Studio by Chas Chandler. He has done a super job of getting across on record the tremendous excitement generated by Slade Live. Once again Noddy's voice is just too good and full of lust. If you listen very carefully you can hear the delicate vocal harmonizing from Dave and Jimmy. Every­thing is right about the album, nothing left out and not too much of anything.

An excellent Album and if you know what's good for you (and you're planning a party for the near future) you'll go search out and buy up this album. You'll never be sorry, take it from me, I've been slayed.

At the beginning of the tour they did four dates in California and then flew back to England to open the Sundown. It was back again across the Atlantic to finish off their seventeen concerts in less than 3 weeks, on the same bill was Humble Pie and J.Geils. Being third on the bill their act could only be thirty to thirty-five minutes long which meant cutting down their numbers but, kept in the ones that got the audience moving. On some nights, they were called back on stage by the audience which surprised many people as th is rarely happens to third on the bill groups.

It seems now, from reports in the American Press, that Slade made an impressive impact on many who had never heard of them before they saw them. The Boys have gained a tremendous amount of respect across the Atlantic and they cannot wait to get back over there.




"We've all decided to write some words in this Newsletter as a special Christmas present to you all. We had a terrific time in the States. The audience over there really helped by giving all their support. When we first went over there I thought it would be the Big Bad Country but it wasn't at all, everyone was very helpful. It was a pity we didn't have time to do any sight seeing but we did manage to see Disneyland but we'll try to see more on the next trip. One thing we did notice was that in the west of America it is slow and lazy while in the east it is fast and snappy. Chicago looks like Birmingham with Skyscrapers - we all thought that. The Crowds were great in Chicago. In New York they were incredible.



Hi Folks er ... It seems like only last week that I put pen to paper for the Newsletter, still it's nice to be writing again.

First things first I hope you have a "Happy Christmas" and a terrific New Year. I expect you will all be boozing it up. The English tour has been going great, thanks for all you're support. We are hoping to have Christmas at home with Mum and Dad this year instead of racing around the Country like we did last year. All the best and thanks.



Just this week I received my brand new Drum kit. At first I couldn't get used to it. The first gig I used them was at the Rainbow Theatre. I chose silver to match Dave's suit. Thanks for all the fans who sent me chewing gum after our Concerts. I really enjoyed them.



It looks as if we are going to Australia at the beginning of next year, so we will get there in Mid Summer and we might come back with a Golden Sun Tan. I am really dying to tryout the Australian Surfing and then maybe off to Japan where I can try out my Judo.


To escape from the Winter Gardens, Bournemouth Slade had to use a black maria as a decoy vehicle and travelled in a second to reach safety............. Slade are set to visit Australia for a 15 day tour in the new year and a visit to Japan is being considered....... When Slade appeared at the Paris Olympia they were called back on stage by Police so that they could calm the frenzied audience.... Wayne, Merrril and Alan Osmond watched Slade do their Rainbow gig and enjoyed it immensely. Also there was Donovan who thought Slade were the most entertaining Group around......Dave had told me that he reckons he throws about £5. worth of glitter at fans every week.........Noddy takes part in a discussion programme for Schools TV for screening by BBC 1 on January 16th, under the title of "Behaviour and Belief"........In Brussels during Slade's European Tour they had a power failure and in the darkness someone threw a brick on stage and hit Nod on the hand, but he is perfectly alright now. He also thanks all those fans who sent him 'Get well' cards.......... Good news for everyone - it's not true about Dave getting engaged. Dave said to me the other day "I may have sung "Mama weer all crazee now" but I'm not that crazee............................


After the successful European tour the boys have had hundreds of offers to return, by top promoters abroad ..............The film that was shown on Top of the Pops was recorded at the Rainbow Theatre during the British Tour.




Gudbuy T' Jane (Polydor) Following "Mama Weer All Crazee Now", the Wolverhampton Wanderers have chosen another Lea-Holder rigid rocker. There's a simple little drum intro as the Guitars join in followed by a ferocious bass line. Bound to storm the charts and should be a big Christmas seller for the Band. During the past year Slade's songwriting has improved greatly. If they continue to progress at this rate, nothing can hold them back .

I've just heard that Dave broke his right ankle after their performance at Liverpool. Slade had to run off Stage to avoid the large crowds, but Dave's boots weren't made for running and tripped and broke his ankle. Dave is now back on stage, "Luckily, I don't play the Guitar with my feet" he said. Hope you get well very quickly.

I'm afraid I am coming to the end of the Newsletter, but be­fore I go, all remember to vote in the music paper pop polls. Have a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.



Goodbye to Jane, Goodbye to Jane,
She's a dark horse see if she can, Goodbye to Jane,
Goodbye to Jane, Painted up like a fancy young man.

She's a queen, can't you see what I mean, She's a queen see see see
She's a queen and I know
She's alright, alright, alright, alright
I say you're so young, so young ...
repeat 3 times

Goodbye to Jane, Goodbye to Jane,
Get a kick from her forties trip boots,
Goodbye to Jane, Goodbye to Jane
Has them made to match up to her suits.


Goodbye to Jane, Goodbye to Jane
Like a dark horse see how she ran, Goodbye to Jane,
Goodbye to Jane Spits on me 'cos she knows that she can.







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