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The Boys pulled a fast one on me last month they waited for me to send out the Newsletter and then told me they were going to release another single. So it was not mentioned in the last Newsletter, even though it was released in August. But again there was no stopping the boys - No. 1 in only two weeks, after entering the charts at No. 2, which is very rarely done today now that the Beatles have gone. It looks as if “Mama weer all crazee now” will be Slades biggest record to date.

Still on the subject of records, remember “Slade Alive” its been in the charts now for 26 weeks, and still going strong. Slade are now recording the follow up album, which should be in the shops in November, so keep an eye out for it.

Lately I’ve had some terrific ideas sent in by you about nail varnish. One is to paint in a dark colour and then with a bright colour print one letter of Slade on each finger. It looks a gas.

I have now got a new supply of tee shirts (see form enclosed), you can also see that I have obtained Iron-on transfers, and badges. The badges as of yet have not been delivered from the factory. It should be within the month so please bare with me if you order them straight away.

Some fans have tried to see me at 13, South Molton Street, and have been disappointed not to find me. I am very sorry, but this address is mainly a postal address for the Fan Club, as I do most of the work at home.

While the boys were over in this Country from the break of their American Tour to play the Sundown, Don saw the beginnings of his Birthday Cards and Presents. As soon as he saw them he told me to tell you “thanks very much-you’re all the best fans in the World”. He has not yet seen the now complete pile of cards, which is more than I’ve ever seen in in the Shop

For those who collect articles on Slade see ‘Diana’ on the 24th October and 4th November. I’ve been told they are very good.


British Tour to start in the last week of October (see list of dates)

Slade received their third Silver Disc for ‘Take me Bak ‘ome’

Slade's first American Tour receiving widespread success, which includes major Cities throughout the States 

Slade will top the bill at the Star Organisation for Spastics charity concert at Wembly Empire Pool on October 28th 

The boys had cream cakes thrown at them at the party to open Mile End Sundown 

Radio Luxembourg has selected Slade to the “Group of the Year”, and will receive their their award live during the 1972 Grand Prix on October 18th .

In Manchester the boys found a terrific Boutique called Justin

Slade will visit Wolverhampton their home town to do a concert for the first time in over a year.



I am writing this letter from the States so I hope it gets to Di in time for the next Newsletter. I was going to phone it through to London but it proved too difficult to get a connection.

We are very excited over here as it’s our first trip to America. We are on tour with a group called Humble Pie, who are top of the bill. There’s another group second, and we go on first. We have to talk a bit slower, and they don’t understand every­thing Nod says, but we can get them clapping their hands in the end, just like home. We’ve travelled all over the place -This Country is so big - San Diego, Long Beach, Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. It’s been really hard work and as we are only the support group we don’t get all the special privileges as we do back home, but we don’t mind it’s been great fun. Wish you were here, etc., etc.

I expect some of you saw us on our fleeting visit to London to do the Sundown. Glad to see you remembered us while we’ve been away. We flew in from Las Vegas to do the Concert and then back the next day- Only one complaint about the flying, the film they show on the plane was the same one on the inward flight as on the outward flight, that’s one thing I hate doing, seeing a film twice.

And now for the biggest thank you of all. Thanks very much for for buying our single, and that goes from all of us.
On our return from the U.S.A., we will be doing a tour of Europe and then a big tour of Britain. This will also include a special concert in Wolverhampton, our home town.

By the way, I had some fans enquiring about how to get the silver glitter out of your hair. Easy just brush and comb. Must go now, Jimmy has come in with a massive hamburger.

Munch munch 



It was great to see so many of you at London’s Rainbow Theatre and Sundown recently to witness Slade’s defeat of London.
At the Rainbow, a feverish chant of, “We want Noddy”, went up long before they were due on stage. Then Nod came on in a Mirror bedecked Top Hat, which has now become a common feature of Nod. He was followed immediately by Dave, Don and Jimmy.

Without more ado, to Nod’s yell of “Come on let’s have a warm up!” they launched into “Hear Me Calling.” Everyone got up and got with it right from the start and to follow came that great number “In Like As Hot From My Gun”. In this one the lights made Dave’s silver suit glow like a rainbow. Jimmy, meanwhile, clad all in primrose yellow was doing backbends off the edge of the drum-kit and really laying a powerful bass rhythm.

And so it went on till the end, but imagine the anti-climax when Nod said “Right that’s it. Bye-bye,” and Slade walked off leaving that stage dark and bare and the audience still stomping.

But with so many fans screaming for an encore how could they let them down? Back they came to give us an incredible version of 'Born To Be Wild'.

For the Sundown Slade flew into London from Los Angeles, had a few hours sleep afterwards and then flew straight back to San hose to continue their American tour.

On stage they did all their favourites, with a very good version of Janis Joplin song “Move over Baby”. The audience responded so well that at one point as everybody stomped their feet the whole balcony literally shook. Noddy then got us all to sing “You’ll never walk alone”, and swaying in time to the music.

As you’d expect all hell broke loose when “Take me bak ‘ome” was played and odd girls were passed up from the Arena to the Stage for safety, after being overcome by it all and Slade played on and on. Slade then left the stage, got the encore That just had to come and played out “Mama weer all crazee now”.



I have received a lot of letters complaining that I had forgotten to tell you it was Dons Birthday on the 10th, especially as some of you would of liked to have sent him a card. I am very sorry. It has been suggested that I print all the boys birthdays so that you can put them in your Diaries for future reference:­




New Musical Express

“Mama weer all crazee now”

Slade don’t fool around — this immediately comes on like a number one record and that's exactly what its going to be. After the hits they’ve had already I consider this their best by far from the fuzzed out guitar intro to the rocking; stomping, chorus through to the crowd singing along at the end, Slade personify the excitement that's obtainable through the forty-five market.


With howls they tear straight into another huge boogie with that typical distant and manic voice sounding like rending calico Slade’s unique power comes from the fact that they fit memorable melodies to their boogies. By the time this one ends you could believe, so dense does the sound and the atmosphere become, that 50,000 people were roaring along with the band in some distant dark stadium.

The total line is shouted over and over with a lot of whooping and shrieking behind it and there’s another burst of that hand-clapping that is incorporated so well into the Bands Records. How on earth can a record like this fail?


I have listed the boys dates for their next tour, but please check with your local press as these dates are subject to change:-

Sun. 28th Oct. Wembly Empire Pool
Fri. 3rd Nov. Newcastle City Hall
Sat. 4th Preston Public Hall
Sun. 5th Oxford New Theatre
Mon 6th Wolverhampton Civic Hall
Wed. 8th Bournemouth Winter Garden
Thur. 9th Sheffield City Hall
Fri. 10th Rainbow, London
Sat. 11th Rainbow, London
Mon. 13th Leeds Town Hall
Wed. 15th Manchester Free Trade Hall
Fri. 17th Stoke on Trent, Victoria Hall, Hanley.
Sat. 18th Liverpool Stadium
Sun . 19th Birmingham Town Hall
Mon. 20th Brighton Dome
Wed. 22nd Doncaster Sundown
Thur. 23rd Green Playhouse, Glasgow
Fri. 24th Edinburgh Empire Theatre
Sun. 26th Southampton, Guildhall
Sat. 2nd Dec. Plymouth Guildhall
Sun. 3rd Cardiff Sundown
Mon 4th Bristol Colston Hall





As I live in London it is very hard for me to report to you Concerts Slade do in other parts of the country. This has given me the idea of a competition. Just write about the last concert you saw of Slade and I’ll print the winner in the next Newsletter. I must have them by 15th November.

It was the first time I’d ever seen Slade live. OK , I’d seen them on TV but never live, can honestly say that I have never had such a good time in my entire life. It was at the TV Studios for the recording of their show for the series ‘Set of six’s’, when I experienced this unforgettable, exhausting, non­stop stomp. They performed all their hit singles up to that date and most of the tracks off “Slade Alive”. Save for “Darling be home soon” I stomped and clapped to the very end. I was on the verge of tears when I real - ised that the end was nearing.

“It’ll be ages before I see them live again” I thought And that was true because I haven’t seen them live since but I’ll still carry the memory of the only time that I have seen Slade live!

Written by Lynda Taylor, Oldham, Lancs.

Before I forget, thanks for all those stamps you sent in, for the Charities. Also thanks for the petition sent two months ago by Elizabeth Valentino, Antonia Genga and Marysia Janowski, about the lack of London gigs for London Fans. I think you can say London is getting its fare share now.

yet again we come to the end of another Newsletter. See you soon.



I don’t want to,
Drink my whiskee like you do,
I don’t need to Spend my money but still do,


Don’t stop now a c’mon,
Another drop now so c'mon
I wanna lot no so c’mon
That’s right, that’s right
I said Mama weer all crazee now (3 times)

You told me
Fool firewater won’t hurt me
You tease me
And all my ladies desert me.


I don’t want to
Drink my whisky but still do,
I had enough to fill up ‘H’ Hills left shoe,


© Copyright 1972 by BARN PUBLISHING LTD



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