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First of all, thanks for all those cards that were covering my wall over Christmas, and for the hundreds I’ve passed on to the boys, You have no idea how pleased they were when I handed their Christmas cards to them.

Hey You know what I’ve been doing for the last two weeks? Listening to ‘Look Wot You Dun’, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’d better wake up and start paying attention because it is the Slade’s new single which has been an release since January 28th, and it’s going to be another smash.


We have now got the chance of having our own Tee Shirt with the word “Slade” printed on it. Unfortunately, there are a limited number, so what I would like you to do is send me a letter or a postcard asking me to reserve you one or more shirts for when, they are delivered. The price per Tee Shirt is approximately 75p. Please mark all letters etc. with a big ‘TS’ and remember, first come, first served.


I think it was because we fans sent in postcards to the radio that Slade’s last single was played, even before it reached the charts. That’s why I’ve put in some more postcards this time, ad that we can once again remind the B.B.C. that Slade are the best group around.


To start the new year rolling, Don has written an article in this newsletter. In the next issue Noddy will write to you all: ­ I think we are one of the only groups to bring back the good old solid bopping in the aisles, screaming, adoration, and pounding simple music, also separating us from any other band, is that we try to talk to the audience as opposed to at them, Noddy once said that as far as he was concerned, he wanted to talk to the audience as if they were his mates.

The audience have themselves a good time, that’s why I think we are successful. Fans go to see us and come away knowing
they’ve had their money’s worth. In fact we go on stage, not to prove anything, but to enjoy ourselves. As Jimmy said last week, ’Seeing a crowd go wild is really the thing Records are just pieces of plastic. It’s that live thing, with all the raving end grabbing that is so great. Our stage act is what we’re all about”.

In the past we have found it a problem trying to put our stage sound down on record. We were not quite happy with the way things were going, but for ‘Get Down’ it all came together. We are also pleased with the live album which we did at Command Studios, which is to be released in late March.

But we don’t forget that we would not be where we are today but for one man, Chas Chandler. Chas himself is very famous. Remember ‘The. House of the Rising Sun’? Chas is an ex­ Animal; he is also the man who brought Jimi Hendrix over from America and to prominence. He has done it again with us, after spotting us three years ago. Thanks, Chas.

“They are one of the fastest-rising groups in the business”, Chas said last week to a newspaperman. “At least 500 have been turned away from every concert they have done in the last three months”.

So let that be a warning to you all. If you are coming to see us, get there early.

Love DON.


“We want to see everybody leaping”, screamed Noddy, as the others took to the stage and I arrived on the scene. But it took a bit of time before that happened. At first the audience just stood around while the boys went into ‘Hear Me Calling You’, ‘Louisianna Rag Blues’ and ‘Know Who You Are.

A mild beginning, maybe, but in the end the boys warmed up the fans when doing an arrangement of John Sebastian’s ‘Darling Be Home Soon’, followed by their new single ‘Look Wot You Dun’ a good follow up to ‘Coz I Luv You’. By this time everybody in the audience was leaping and dancing. Even after Slade had finished, people were dancing to the echo left by Slade, including me.


I’ve been been reading the musical papers recently and have noticed that Sounds Magazine have not had an article on Slade for at least a month. So lets tell them that Slade are still around, by writing to:­


“Can Noddy and the lads make it three in a row? Place your bets now, but make it early, the odds are shortening - by the day.

“Yes, Slade really have found their niche in the pop world, and this song, written by three of the band, is destined to grip you as firmly as have ‘Get Down and Get With It’ and ‘Coz I Luv You’. It’s got the same rock steady beat, plus more to make it stand out” - DISC.


“Quite definitely, they’ve done it again. Apart from already incurring the wrath of education authorities over the title-phrase spelling, Slade are directly into at least a top five mood with this one. It’s a sturdily staccato sort of theme, right into commercial ‘feel’ group vocal touches of guitar. “The whole thing is complete; everything falls into place. No doubts here”. CHART CERT.


The boys have just invested about £1,500 in new equipment. The amplifiers are transistorised and the speakers are more compact
............Don collapsed from exhaustion on Christmas Eve, after playing to a capacity audience at London’s Marquee Club, and the group were forced to cancel two other dates..........At least 500 have been turned away from every concert Slade have done in the last three months..........It has been reported that 100,000 copies of ‘Look Wot You Dun’ were ordered before it was even released ...............Sounds familiar, I know, but Slade’s new LP has not yet been given a release date. It should, however, be released during the latter part of March.



I have listed below the Boys’ dates for February, March and April. Please check these dates with your local press as they are subject to change.

7th Top Rank Suite, Reading, Berks
9th Boat House, Kew
11th Caledonian Hotel, Ayr, Scotland.
12th College of Technology, Glasgow
13th Electric Gardens, Glasgow
18th Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham
19th St. John’s College, York
21st Technical College, Southampton
25th London University, W.C. 1.
26th Crewe College of Education, Cheshire.
1st Public Hall, Preston
3rd Park Hall, Warrington, Lancs.
4th Bradford University
5th Kenrietic, Kenilworth
6th Civic Hall, Wolverhampton
9th Hull Technical College
10th Cardiff University
11th Roundhouse, Dagenham, Essex
17/25th GERMANY
30th Mayfair, Newcastle
1st Scene 2 Club, Scarborough
21st Corn Exchange, Bury St. Edmunds
22nd North Essex Polytechnic
26th Crewe College of Education, Cheshire
23rd Brighton
27/1 May HOLLAND



Well, that’s about all for this issue. Before I sign off, I’d like to wish everyone of you a wonderful year ahead in 1972 that’s not just from me. Jimmy, Noddy, Dave and Don add their best wishes too





I know just exactly where to be
You know what my freedom means to me
What it means What it means to me
Just exactly what my freedom means to me

I say I know just what I want to be
You say what’s it all supposed to mean
What’s it mean But we don’t agree
Just exactly what it’s all supposed to mean

Hey hey hey hey
What you doin’ to me
Hey hey hey
Look what you done


I know what your mind is going through
You know my mind is going through it too
Through it too
Going through it too
And you know my mind is going through it too.


© Copyright 1972 by BARN PUBLISHING LTD



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